Treatment of rheumatism

treatment of rheumatism

Prabhakaran Pillai is the Traditional Ayurvedic Physician, Specialised in 'Marma Chikilsa' started his career in 1939.

Prabhakaran Pillai is very famous for the treatment of:






BACK PAIN (Back-Bone)


Method of Treatment for Diseases Oil Massage: Massage the body with oil using fingers for certain type of arthritis back pain, dislocation of vertebral column and dislocation of joints.

Method of Treatment for Health Care Massage the entire body with oil. This treatment is specially for nervousness. This is a course treatment for seven nine or twelve days every year as decided. Complete rest should be taken

twice the duration of treatment.

NAVARAKIZHI Massage the affected parts of the body using boiled cereal 'navara' dipped in the mixture of hot Kurunthotti (Sida Retusa) Kashayam and Milk. LEMON KIZHI Lemon mixed with ayurvedic medicines dipped in hot oil and massage the affected area. ELAKIZHI Leaves of herbal plants like Calotropic Gigantea, Ricinus Communis, Sida Ritusa, Moringa Oleifera, Meremia Tridentata etc- mixed with Ayurvedic medicine dipping hot oil and massage the affected area as decided by the physician. DHARA A treatment for different diseases using medicines in 'dharathoni ' (wooden vessel for the patient to lie or sit). This treatment is done in February, July, August, October and November months only. PIZHICHIL Dripping medicated oil on the body in 'Dharathoni'. A course treatment done in February, July, August, October, and November months only. VASTHI All diseases can be cured by 'Vasthi'. Two types- SnehaVasthi and KashayaVasthi.

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