What causes rheumatism

what causes rheumatism

Destroying my nerves

Posted on 02/24/2015 at 22:59

It was a day of running around on adrenaline. I woke up to one of the carbon monoxide/smoke detectors going off because of a low battery. Every minute, a loud beep would go off along with a woman's voice announcing, "Low battery." And I mean loud. We have a big house. We could hear it clearly behind closed doors in the bedroom upstairs farthest away from it. So being in the same room as it downstairs was piercing and annoying, startling me every time it went off.

Here's the problem. The detector was located close to the ceiling so the only way to get to it was to bring in a ladder from the garage. Even then it was still over our heads. However, it was also hard-wired into the house, and the wires were too short to pull out to turn it around effectively. The only way to get to the battery was to disconnect it, which we couldn't manage. Plus, I couldn't figure out which breaker it was on. So it beeped/talked

at me for OVER TWO HOURS. Every minute.

I was very frazzled by the time my friend L could come over and help. She's taller than me or the kids, and not as wary of electricity. She climbed the ladder, and ten seconds later, had it off the off the wall for me to get to the battery to take it out.

At that point, I had less than half an hour to get to my hair appointment, which was at least relaxing. I got golden highlights that really set off the copper in my hair. The color looks fantastic.

I had told L I was taking her out to lunch after my appointment as a thank you. But my running around didn't stop there. I didn't actually get home for longer than ten minutes at a time until almost 5pm, at which point I crashed. I got zero work done today, and my kitchen is a disaster.

I'm not stressing out about it tonight. I'll take care of it tomorrow. At least my hair turned out pretty, lol.

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