Absent Healing

Many years ago as a younger man I was intrigued by people who seem to step outside of space and heal others at a distance. In time I developed my own understanding of this facet of healing. As I have written on other pages I think it is foolish to assume we know it all. In fact, our senses may block just that understanding. That is not to say the pursuit and utilization of knowledge is wrong in any way we just need to remember our limitations.

These are the things I have found that work for me. It is not for everyone and there are probably many things I do not know about this subject but here lies my few grains of wisdom. I have always approached this activity in a respectful and devout manor.

The process that worked best for me was as follows. First, I had to enter a mind set that the person I would send healing energy to would, in fact, heal. I found I could do no more than I imagined. I had to enter a magical mind set where their healing was not just possible but would occur. It had to be totally believable by me. I think the process worked best when they were receptive but that was not always necessary. As soon as I had locked on to the idea that this person would heal completely I remembered the last time I felt at one with my Creator. Over the years I have often felt at complete peace and harmony with God so all I needed to do was remember our last moment together. If you do not remember such a moment simply imagine it happening, through Grace, as if God had decided he would contact you and how deeply good you would feel. You should be healthy and it is best to do this 30 minutes to an hour after eating because your energy levels will be higher. Now I start slowly and comfortably breathing deeper and I close my eyes so I can see energy or a white light building around my body. Usually in 3 or 4 deep breaths I can see a large amount of energy. To add to this I see myself floating as if in the entrance to an opening in the universe with entire galaxies behind me. I now see the energy as though it is a screen and on that screen I see the person completely healed. Now I see one of two things either a bridge of light extending from me to the other person or I see myself suddenly in their room and I reach out and touch them in a loving and gentle manor. As this happens all the energy I have built up around me transfers to the person and a great force pours from the galaxies and stars behind flowing through me on to them. I start this massive unstoppable force and see the person healing then healed. My energies only direct the greater force that flows from the Universe. Once I have started the flow and given the message to heal I do not direct it. I assume it knows exactly what to do and how to accomplish the healing. My experience has been the energy is much wiser than I am. As the

flow stops I release the image and relax.

In my early years I used to feel a feedback but I have learned that is from connecting emotionally with the person. By feedback I mean you would feel the place of injury or illness not in a painful way just a hint of what was going on. If you can connect more at the mental level the results will be the same but much less feedback. If I felt any impressions or saw any images connected to the activity I would convey that to them without interpretation. The desire to interpret is an ego activity and can distort the message. The many things we see in our heads often have very individual meanings so I stayed away from trying to lead or teach at that time. Generally speaking they knew what it meant and often it was a private value. If that person wants to discuss it with you that is fine but clarity and objectivity are essential to absent healing. Your thoughts and beliefs must be put aside or they act as filters and limit the healing process. As an example, imagine you pray or do an absent healing for someone with knee problems but as you do it you feel or see the energy flow toward the middle of the chest. You could attempt to redirect it but what it is showing you is that the knee is secondary and that the Thoracic area of the spine is the cause. If you interfere you may only achieve a partial or brief healing because the real need or cause is in the spine. When you look at a bridge you can easily see how many things co-depend upon each other. You would not think I can remove this beam or that cable and everything will be alright. You can see how one element supports or affects another. The body is similar but even more complex because you have multiple levels of construction interwoven with each other. However, the desire to heal brings forth an inner wisdom that sees the perfect plan held within for ideal health and knows how to get to that place.

A last word, when I used to do this with my patients months, sometimes years afterwards they would suddenly appear in my head occasionally it would wake me early in the morning and I knew they had passed over. Somehow a connection was made that stood the test of time and distance. Other healers I have encountered told me the ideal method is to connect at the mental level in which case you only get mental image feed back. If, however, you connect at the emotional level you may well "feel" the problem and possibly the curing or block. Some people like this since it validates their experience but the mental level is preferred, more effective and less draining on the healer. If you attempt several healing's in a short time connecting at the emotional level will be very demanding and less effective. I was not always successful and some people would say all this is an illusion, if it is, it is a beautiful one. Looking back I have no regrets it was a good time for such things.

All Rights Reserved Bill Gustafson 2010

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