Healing rhythms

Transport yourself to a new state of relaxation and ease.

Begin your guided training with topics such as "Quieting the Mind" and "Finding Your Inner Balance." In each of the 15 steps, you'll learn new and relaxing breathing and meditation exercises proven to be effective in reducing stress, including techniques led by:

• Deepak Chopra, M.D. • Sharon Salzberg

• Dean Ornish, M.D. • Stephen Cope

• Andrew Weil, M.D. • Nawang Khechog

• Joan Borysenko

Watch your body respond in real-time, on screen!

Practice these mind-body techniques along with your mentors as you listen to transformative music and watch soothing visuals rippling by on your screen. Or switch to the Grapher Mode and track your body’s signals as they rise and fall in synch with your state of mind.

Finally, you'll complete each step by practicing your new skills during the interactive biofeedback events. Watch your mind and body at play in beautiful on-screen surroundings as you learn to juggle balls with your laughter, build a stairway with your breath, and meditate to open doors! As you begin to master your new skills, you can increase the difficulty level of each challenge for hours and hours of deep contemplative practice.

What’s Included:

• Biofeedback Hardware and Finger Sensors

• Over 30 guided meditation and breathing practices

• 15 Biofeedback Events with variable

difficulty settings

• Built-in Iom Grapher Mode to track your body's signals in real-time including heart rate, heart rate variability, and skin conductance

• Beautiful full Color, 90-page Training Guide & User’s Manual

• Installation disks for PC and Mac

Introducing our newest and most complete whole-body wellness training program, Healing Rhythms. The first biofeedback program to bring together the leaders in the field of health and wellness – doctors Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, and Andrew Weil. Together with Healing Rhythms' beautifully interactive 15-Step Biofeedback Training Program. you will learn the tools to help build a happy mind and a healthy body.

Healing Rhythms includes:

• Our proprietary iom biofeedback hardware and finger sensors

• 30 unique breathing and meditative relaxation exercises lead by the most prominent leaders in health and wellness

• 15 interactive biofeedback events that let you watch your mind and body at play on screen

• Grapher Mode where you can monitor your body's physical and emotional response in real-time, helping you to change and improve your reactions to stress.

• A 4-color, 98 page training manual to help you integrate these skills into your daily life

Explore Healing Rhythms new 15-Step Training Program and learn to reduce stress as you create a happy mind and healthy body.

(Includes 15 Step Training Program)

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