Healing stone jewelry

All stones absorb energy from the earth, and many have inherited vital healing powers for many types of ailments. I have recently become acquainted with a fine company utilizing healing stones that I feel is very complimentary to the bio-mat products. You may not be able to take your Bio-Mat with you everywhere (though many of you wish you could), but you can benefit from wearing a piece of Healing Light Stones jewelry just about anywhere. The two products make a winning combo.

I am thrilled to introduce Louise Molieri and her company, Healing Light Stones. Louise is an imaginative jewelry designer who is driven by an incredible passion for helping people achieve optimal health and self-expression through art. Her jewelry creations are not only unique, stylish and elegant, but they are hand crafted for healing of many ailments and maintaining general health.

Louise helps her clients choose gem stones that are not only beautiful, but have unique healing properties to benefit them. Her background in health and nutrition, combined with a love of gemstones, uniquely qualifies her in stone selection. She has done extensive research to learn their attributes and knows which stones have shown to be helpful for various ailments and how to combine stones to maximize them.

Louise began making jewelry for her closest friends, mindful of their personalities, health issues and birth signs. Her friends loved them and received so many compliments when they wore them, they began encouraging her to start her own business. Her initial orders were all from referrals. Louise now believes this is what she has been called to do. Many of her customers wear their healing stones jewelry every day, and some even sleep with them on.

The custom bracelets include a written description of the stones included, their healing properites, and why they were chosen. Click on any of the bracelet or necklace pictures to see how beautifully detailed they are up close. Some of Louise's customers are so happy with their own custom jewelry they have

gifted one to a close friend or family member. Read this note from the mother of one of her first customers (who was the lucky recipient of a custom necklace from her daughter) .

"I love the stones we chose and find myself touching each one when I wear the necklace. The natural stones are beautiful and give you a feeling of spiritual oneness with self and the earth.". A. Silla, Castle Rock, CO

I am so excited about the Healing Light Stones jewelry line, I want my customers to experience it firsthand. I am sending a 15% discount card for Healing Light Stones jewelry to my customers when they order anything. And people who order a Professional Bio-Mat Package or larger from me will receive a Healing Light Stones energy bracelet designed exclusively for thebiomat.com as a gift (shipped separately from your Bio-Mat). One per customer. The bracelets may be worn by men or women. They will stretch to accommodate various size wrists, and I will have larger sizes available for large wrists.

Louise and I have chosen Jade, Quartz and Jasper stones for the gift bracelets as they have overall health attributes that are good for everyone. Each bracelet is handmade with unique stones, so no two are alike. The shape, size and colors of the stones will vary, but all will share the same attributes. Written information about these attributes will be included. Here is just a sample:

Jade is said to promote wisdom, justice, love, courage and self-sufficiency. Quartz is known as the master healing crystal because it contains the full spectrum of light and works on every level to bring the body into balance. Jasper is a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress, bringing peace and a feeling of wholeness.

After wearing one of these health bracelets, I believe you will want more Healing Light Stones jewelry at Louise's affordable prices. Click on the Healing Light Stones logo to go to her website.

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