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academy of healing arts

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Reviews for Academy Of Healing Arts

over a year ago

These good reviews are FAKE – OK, in full disclosure I am NOT a student there, just a one time customer of the massage school.

What a nightmare!

They gave me someone who had NEVER done a full massage before. Literally.

The person who scheduled me said "blah blah, of course everyone here is an expert" and afterwards "oh how did that happen! i understand your frustration call JEN, the director."

Well JEN the director NEVER called back after two phone messages and a hand-written (supposedly) note.

When I called back today and told them how tenacious I was and WOULD get my money back, they put me on hold (so they thought) and the woman I overheard talking

about me "oh it's two weeks later and now she's complaining, haha." What a dunce. Not true, I just told you that I complained the day OF treatment and the whole last two friggin weeks. Idiot.

Then she realized I had been listening to her and hung up!

haha. Finally, they put me over to a guy, Don, who said "i'm willinng to dig into my own pockets to put this thing to rest. when can you be here?"

thanks, don! i dread going back to that negative place for a second, but to get my friggin money back i'll do anything. it's principle. i'd be a friggin SUCKER to pay for that sh*t.

the girl was well-intentioned but didnt know her A** from a hole in the ground. sorry.

this place left a pretty bad taste in my mouth all around. money money money. the almighty dollar. customer servece? ZERO. good luck if u decide on this joint.

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