Aquatic Therapy

Encompassing a broad range of techniques and approaches, aquatic therapy is a wonderful experience for all kinds of individuals. Defined by treatments and exercises performed in a water environment for fitness, rehabilitation, relaxation and numerous other therapeutic benefits, aquatic therapy includes both passive and active applications. Passive treatment involves a therapist or caregiver attending the patient or receiver, while active treatment involves self-generated movement, exercise and body positioning. From stabilizer bars and floatation aids to underwater treadmills and elliptical machines, Rehabmart is delighted to offer a multitude of superior quality aquatic therapy equipment from well-known and innovative manufacturers that include Aqua Creek, Rehab Systems, Hudson Aquatic, DuraCart, Danmar and Konfidence USA .

Duracarts Aquatic Double Length Wet Rack or


Duracarts Aquatic All Purpose Rack and Carts - 8 Shelf

The Shockwave Pool Bike

The all new Shockwave is an exciting and innovative aquatic exercise bike. The design offers six levels of resistance making it easy to adjust to your physical capabilities. Unlike most aquatic exercise bikes, the Shockwave's tension knob is located below the seat so it can be adjusted while riding the bike.

The optional recumbent seat style offers extra back support increasing comfort-ability and is a excellent option for therapy applications.

Whether you are recovering from surgery or looking for a low impact way to get fit the Shockwave is your solution.

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