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Acid Reflux Symptoms, Diet, Remedies & Treatment In a Nutshell – Solutions and Recommendations

Acid reflux or GERD is a health condition that causes damage to the lining of the esophagus. The liquid content of the stomach travels back into the esophagus, which inevitably builds-up.

Acid reflux is developed when the food in the stomach is not digested and broke down properly by this liquid content (acid) and enzymes.

Acid Reflux Symptoms

Among the main symptoms of acid reflux disease, you may notice the following:

  1. Heartburn. This is commonly described as a rather painful burning sensation within the chest area and can go as far down as the stomach and as far up as the neck
  2. Regurgitating food back from the gullet into the mouth
  3. Pain in the chest, either constant or a nasty stabbing pain
  4. Trouble when swallowing both liquids and food
  5. Sore throat and hoarseness when trying to talk
  6. Asthma (This is normally due to the acid that is travelling where it should reaching the area around the lungs or throat)
  7. Erosion of the teeth and gums caused by the acid reaching the mouth

The symptoms of acid reflux disease can continue for many months and even longer, getting more and more painful as the time goes if it has not been treated in the correct manner.

Acid Reflux Diet

Listed below are the safe foods and foods to avoid in preventing acid reflux or heartburn.

Selecting the right foods to eat are important

Fruits – Apple- fresh, dried or juice, banana

Vegetables – Broccoli, carrots, cabbage, peas, green beans, baked potato

Meat Products – Skinless chicken breast, extra-lean ground beef, London broil steak, egg whites and substitutes, no fat fish

Dairies – Fat free cream cheese, goat cheese, low-fat soy cheese, fat-free sour cream

Grains – Brown or white rice, multi-grain or white bread, cereal like bran or oatmeal, corn bread, Graham crackers, pretzels, rice cakes

Beverage – Mineral water

Salads/Sweets – Low-fat salad dressing, fat-free cookies, jelly beans, red licorice, baked potato chips

Foods to Avoid:

Fruits – Tomato, lemon

Juices – Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Grapefruit juice, Lemonade

Vegetables – Raw onion, french fries, mashed potato

Meat Products – Ground beef, chicken nuggets, Buffalo wings, marbled sirloin

Dairy Products – Regular cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, milk shake

Grains – Spaghetti with sauce, macaroni and cheese

Beverages – Wine, liquor, decaffeinated or regular coffee/tea

Salads/Sweets – Creamy salad dressing, oil and vinegar salad dressing, high-fat butter cookies, chocolate, doughnut corn chips, brownies

Other Dietary Facts

1. It is a common misconception that drinking milk before going to sleep can prevent acid reflux. On the contrary, milk was found to have a rebound action and in fact encourages more acid secretion.

2. Others think that beverages will flow easily and be digested without affecting acid production. Studies show that it is actually the opposite. Beverages especially beer, has the ability to double stomach acid within an hour.

3. An alkaline diet can help overcome the effects of acid reflux. This was explained by medical professionals as the need to maintain acidity and alkalinity balance within the body.

Acid Reflux Remedies

Here are the top 7 acid reflux natural remedies we could find, that work.

1. Increase the amount of water you drink daily. This is beneficial for your overall health as well. However, increasing your water intake will help to dilute the acids in the stomach, thus minimizing the acid reflux symptoms. You should also try to drink a glass of water after you have eaten, possibly two.

2. Almonds is another great way to eliminate the effects of acid reflux. In the morning, chew on a few almonds and after each meal. It is important that you chew them very well,

the longer the better and you will soon begin to see relief in your acid reflux symptoms.

3. Fennel tea or chamomile tea have a soothing effect on the individual drinking it and it has been successfully connected to the relief of acid reflux discomfort. It is important that you take your time drinking the tea, only sipping it.

Chamomile Tea: Provides Soothing Effect

4. Could it be true, an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Maybe not, but eating an apple after a meal can surely keep your acid reflux symptoms at bay! Organically grown apples chewed slowly and well can reduce the acid in the stomach, thus eliminating the acid reflux.

5. Ginger in almost any form can be great for reducing acid reflux. You can have candied ginger, ginger tea or take ginger in a capsule form.

6. Apple cider vinegar is another of the top acid reflux home remedies. It is important that you are drinking organic apple cider vinegar and that you shake it well. There should be a pulp looking substance floating within, this is actually what you need to consume. This substance has enzymes that are ideal for keeping the symptoms of acid reflux a distant memory for you. Add the apple cider vinegar to a half a glass of water and drink it shortly before or after a meal.

7. Chewing gum. as you might already know is great for assisting in the digestion of food. However, did you know that this also stimulates the production of saliva? This in turn does the same thing as drinking water, it will dilute the stomach acids and limit the acid reflux symptoms.

Acid Reflux Treatment

In actual fact, there isn’t any absolute cure, but there are many ways in which your symptoms can be managed with a good treatment for acid reflux.

1. Natural remedies. These may include various old wives tales that you may have heard about or found on the internet. Some of these do work for a lot of people but not for others so be sure to not get your hopes up and not to be too disappointed if they do not work for you. Ginger is said to be a particularly good treatment for acid reflux.

Natural remedies can be very effective

2. Over the counter remedies. Again, some of these do work for some and not for others and you will very often find that one particular brand or type will work better than others. Antacids and H2 blockers are the most common of these and you may also find that these can be fairly expensive.

3. Prescription remedies. Acid reflux should always be seen by a doctor as it can have some rather nasty side effects if not treated in the correct manner. A doctor will be able to prescribe treatment of acid reflux if you have been diagnosed and these will have more of a chance of working. The most popular medicines are Proton Pump Inhibitors and there are special treatments if the patient is younger.

4. Lifestyle changes. These are always advised by the doctor whether you are taking medication or not and some of the most simply lifestyle changes that may work as a treatment of acid reflux are simple things such as cutting out acidic and fatty foods, quitting smoking, drinking alcohol little or in moderation and also various other dietary changes.

5. Surgery. When acid reflux cannot be treated in other ways such as medication or lifestyle and dietary changes, then surgery can be an effective treatment of acid reflux. There are a couple of main types that you are likely to have if you have exhausted all other treatments and these include Fundoplication and Endoscopies to tighten the esophagus and the valve that is designed to prevent the acid from leaking.


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