How to Make a Spinning Board for Sensory Integration

Sensory integration is a neurological process that organizes multiple sensations or sensory inputs in the body and helps the brain convert them into functional outputs. Sensory integration, or processing, dysfunction… Read More

Activities for Sensory Overload Simulation

Sensory overload problems cause one or more of the senses to become confused or stressed, making it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks. Sensory overload is often related to Autism… Read More

How to Make a Sensory Swing

Autistic children and those with sensory processing disorders often have difficulty with sensory experiences. They might be ultra-sensitive or inadequately sensitive to visual cues, sounds, smells, tastes and physical touch.… Read More

What Is Chromosome 15?

Twenty-first century science is opening up the secrets to genetic health, primarily through the study of chromosomes. Chromosomes are containers for DNA, which carries a person's genetic information. There are… Read More

How to Stop Stimming

Self-stimulatory behavior, otherwise known as stimming, is the repetitive movement of the body or objects to fulfill an underlying need. It is commonly observed in individuals who have autism and… Read More

What Are the Signs of Autism?

Autism is a developmental disorder present at birth and becomes noticeable as a child grows and develops. It usually is diagnosed before age 3. Autism can vary widely in intensity… Read More

Themes for Sensory Stimulation Activities

Sensory stimulation activities are beneficial for developmentally delayed children and for adults with disabilities. Stimulation of all the senses can improve awareness of the environment and may also encourage increased… Read More

Instructions for a Weighted Blanket

Patients with extreme anxiety caused by autism, sensory processing disorder and dementia can be difficult to soothe and calm. Dr. Temple Grandin (who is autistic herself, and who was looking… Read More

How to Teach Speech to Autistic Children

The most critical time for language development happens in the first few years of life. Parents can do many things to encourage their children's language development, but there are some… Read More

Pros & Cons of Applied Behavior Analysis

Parents of autistic children encounter many of the same behavioral problems. While some therapies focus on the emotional roots of these unwanted behaviors, applied behavior analysis (ABA) focuses on the… Read More

Autism Awareness Month Activities

Autism cannot be cured, but the condition often can be effectively treated, especially if treatment is begun early in the affected person's life. April is Autism Awareness Month, a time… Read More

How to Make Power Cards

The "Power Card" strategy was developed to help young people with Asperger Syndrome and autism to learn routines and expected behaviors through visual aids and stories. A child's special interest,… Read More

The Wilbarger Protocol

In response to children who display sensory defensiveness from being oversensitive, the Wilbarger Protocol is designed to help reduce the discomfort and slowly help children become more used to touch.… Read More

Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Diet

A gluten-free/casein-free (GFCF) diet avoids gluten, a protein found in grains, and casein, a protein found in dairy products. Some people believe GFCF diets may reduce symptoms of autism, although… Read More

How to Live With Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome is a disorder on the Autism spectrum. People with Asperger's Syndrome often have social skill problems that can make life difficult. They also have unique and often remarkable… Read More

How to Test for Autism in Children

As a behavioral disability that covers a wide spectrum of symptoms, testing for autism requires patience and a compassionate understanding of the disorder. Simple observation of your child from infancy… Read More

How to Treat Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder that is classified as part of the autism spectrum. Social awkwardness and an all-absorbing interest in specific topics is typical, as are impaired communication… Read More

How to Work With Autistic Children

The Autism Society defines autism as a complex developmental disability that comes from a neurological disorder in the brain. It typically appears in children around age 2. Autism is growing… Read More

Autism Characteristics in Toddlers

You can determine if your child is displaying characteristics of autism by evaluating his developmental milestones. Realize that if your child displays only one or two signs of autism, that… Read More

Workshops, Games and Activities for Developmental Disabilities

Therapeutic activities help children and adults with developmental disabilities to thrive in the everyday world. Therapy activities, when disguised as games, not only help improve motor, speech and listening skills,… Read More

Government Grants for Children With Autism

Government grants for children with autism typically consist of money that is given to organizations like the National Autism Association. These professional organizations then redirect the funds to help the… Read More

Autism Grants for Parents

The cost of having a child with autism can be astronomical for some families. Many families are facing serious decisions when determining which treatment route is best. According to The… Read More

Physical & Emotional Symptoms of Autism

Autism falls under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) along with pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) and Asperger's syndrome. As the symptoms of these disorders tend to… Read More

Speech Therapy Activities for Autistic Children

Autistic children often have trouble understanding what constitutes a socially-appropriate interaction, and many have trouble with the symbolic nature of communication itself. According to SpeechTX, many autistic children have trouble… Read More

What Deficiencies Cause Bad Behavior With Autism?

Many times children with autism are labeled with severe behavioral problems. When observed without the knowledge of the associated neurological challenges and deficiencies, behaviors such as screaming, crashing into things,… Read More

Creative Ideas for Toys for Autistic Children

Children with autism, or pervasive developmental disorders, have unique needs when compared with other children. Autism can affect how children play. Finding toys and games that engage your child enough… Read More

Activities for Autism Students

Students with autism suffer from difficulties in the development of communication and social interaction skills. It is important for autistic children to be exposed to a variety of different situations… Read More

Checklist & Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers

It has been shown that children respond best to autism therapies the earlier they begin to receive them. Fortunately, knowledge about autism spectrum disorders has grown in the last few… Read More

How to Deal With Autism

Autism, also known as an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), affects social skills, language, behavior and sometimes cognitive ability. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 1 in 110 children… Read More

Sodium Bicarbonate & Autism

Proponents state sodium bicarbonate alkalizes and restores the body's pH balance from a state of acidosis (excess acid). Researchers believe acidosis is characteristic in children and adults with autism. Opponents… Read More

Service Dogs for Kids With Autism

Service dogs have recently become very popular with the autistic population. The dogs are beneficial as a form of therapy, and they can help autistic kids gain social skills. Autism… Read More

Government Autism Grants

Autism, a pervasive developmental disorder, can be quite costly for parents. Doctors, therapists and even special schools may be necessary, depending on the individual child, and all of these things… Read More

Government Help With Autism

One in 110 children in the United States has autism, according to a 2010 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are three specific types of… Read More

Games to Play With Autistic Children

Not only can autistic children learn social and developmental skills while playing games, but they can have fun, too. To increase the possibility of autistic children enjoying games, you must… Read More

Effective Teaching Strategies for Students With Autism

Teaching in a classroom setting with students diagnosed with autism can be a challenging task for the teacher as well as the student. This developmental disorder affects a child’s ability… Read More

Finger Flicking & Sensory Integration Disorder

Sensory Integration Disorder, also known as Sensory Processing Disorder, is a misfiring of sensory signals in the brain which can make it difficult to live a normal life. Effects can… Read More

Signs & Symptoms of Autism at 18

While the signs and symptoms of autism are normally seen in toddlers, this neurodevelopmental disorder can go unrecognized until the onset of adulthood at 18. Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) are… Read More

How to Detect the Signs of Autism

As of 2010, the CDC has determined that approximately 1 in 110 American children has autism. That is nearly one percent of all children in the US. Recognizing the signs… Read More

Signs & Symptoms of High Functioning Autism in Adults

Parents and medical professionals often catch the signs and symptoms of high functioning autism in children early on, but some individuals reach adulthood before being recognized as autistic. Behavioral maladies… Read More

Medical Journals on Autism

Medical research journals publish peer-reviewed articles and research on a variety of topics, including autism and other developmental disorders. There are at least three major medical journals devoted to autism;… Read More

Signs & Symptoms of Autism in Girls

Autism is a developmental disorder of an unknown cause that affects various aspects of a child’s life including communication skills and interaction with others. While it affects both sexes, it… Read More

Autism Symptoms in a One Year Old

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects normal development of social and communication skills. It is very difficult to recognize autism in children under 18 months, because children that age… Read More

Games for Autistic Kids

Autism is a neurological development disorder that affects approximately three to six children in every 1,000, reports the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Children with autism often suffer… Read More

How to Write a Research Essay With Outline for Autism

In order to write a research essay with outline about the neurological disease autism, you must first research and consider the questions that autism raises, then present a balanced argument,… Read More

Vestibular Stimulation and Autism

Most people are familiar with the five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. These are the far senses. Less familiar are the near senses: tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular.… Read More

Homeopathic Remedies for Sensory Processing Disorder in Children

While some children seek to provide more information for their senses, some children may feel overloaded by their senses. A child who has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) misinterprets daily sensory… Read More

What to Do for Children Who Have Autism With Violent Behavior?

Faced with a world in which they find it difficult

to interact socially, communicate clearly and control their own behavior, children with autism sometimes respond with violent behavior. Aggression, both… Read More

How to Spot Autism Symptoms

Autism symptoms vary widely between differing individuals and often change during the development of a child. While autism is believed to be present at birth, it can be difficult to… Read More

How to Solve Behavior Problems in Autism

Often, it is discovered that children have autism early in their lives. As they grow, so do their behavior problems. For parents and caregivers, this can be a hard burden… Read More

Definition of Nonverbal Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that primarily affects social, language and learning abilities. It is considered a "spectrum" disorder, because the symptoms and severity range from very mild to very… Read More

How to Chart Autism Behavior

When a child is diagnosed with autism, parents often find themselves wondering what the child's future will hold. It is important to understand the condition and to be reassured that… Read More

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Savant Autism?

Savant autism is a developmental disorder characterized by the use of remarkable feats of memory or mathematical skills that are not enjoyed by most people. Although rare, savant abilities occur… Read More

Use of Weighted Blankets for Agitation

According to the Sensory Processing Disorder Research Center, weighted blankets are "one of the most effective tools for helping those difficult to calm down, high energy sensory kids." They often… Read More

Social Skill Activities for Kids With Autism

Many children with autism see the world from a different perspective than others. Though all children with and without diagnosis's have different learning styles and needs the educational emphasis for… Read More

Commonly used with children who have autism and other communication-based disorders, social stories are gentle tools for reinforcing appropriate behaviors. The stories are short--from a few sentences to a page… Read More

A Social Story™ is a short story that is written to teach social skills to children with autism. The story addresses a particular need by describing the situation, showing the… Read More

Autism is a condition that makes communication and empathy difficult. Some people with autism never learn to talk and spend their lives in their own world. Many others learn to… Read More

Language, behavioral, and social deficits plague many children with autism. They are not able to process learning cues as instinctively as other children and often require more literal guidance for… Read More

Autism is a group of developmental problems technically called autism spectrum disorders or ASD. They appear in early childhood, usually around the age of 3. The Mayo Clinic states that… Read More

When it comes to evaluating your child's growth, the first thing that comes to mind is the physical stuff: height, weight, etc. In reality, though, there are many other factors… Read More

If you have a child with autism, you know that many aspects of "normal" life can be a struggle. The thought of having to potty train your autistic child might… Read More

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by poor social interaction and communication. Children generally show signs of autism by the time they are 3-years-old. Signs and symptoms can be subtle… Read More

Autism comprises a group of symptoms and developmental brain disorders commonly referred to as autism spectrum disorders (ASD). According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it is estimated that… Read More

Asperger's syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that often goes undiagnosed for years, because children with the disorder may simply appear "quirky." How can you tell whether your child is… Read More

How to Get SSI & Disability for a Child With Autism

Autism is a developmental disability classified by the Social Security Administration (SSA) under mental disorders-childhood. The SSA has two programs for disability benefits: the disability insurance program (SSDI) and the… Read More

What Are Some Autism Conditions & Symptoms?

The term "autism" describes a group of symptoms and developmental brain disorders commonly referred to as autism spectrum disorders (ASD). According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it is… Read More

10 Signs of Autism

In the case of autism, the earlier it is diagnosed, and the earlier that treatment starts, the better chances the child has of responding to that treatment. Early detection is… Read More

Emotional Characteristics of Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder involving social, cognitive and emotional deficits in the brain. It can range in severity from mild to debilitating and includes a spectrum of related disorders… Read More

Physical Education Lesson Plans for Autism

If you have an autistic child in your physical education class, then you may be at a loss as to deciding lesson plans that can include him with the other… Read More

Vitamin B6 & Magnesium Used in Autism Treatments

There is not yet a cure for autism, but a popular treatment called megavitamin therapy may help. Based on evidence that some people with autism need vitamin B6 to balance… Read More

Early Signs of Autism in Children

Autism is a developmental disorder estimated to occur in 1 in 100 children, mostly boys. An autism diagnosis usually occurs between the second and third birthdays, but often the signs… Read More

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects up to 1 in 100 children today. Experts believe that some children display the warning signs of autism as an infant. These symptoms… Read More

Autism, sometimes called classic autism, is the most severe condition in a group of developmental issues known as the autism spectrum disorders. It is characterized by impaired communication and social… Read More

Little Professor Syndrome

Little professor syndrome, more commonly known as Asperger syndrome, is considered a mild autism spectrum disorder because severity of symptoms vary. People with little professor syndrome generally have normal intelligence,… Read More

Autism Symptoms in Babies

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects a child's ability to develop normal social interaction skills. It is usually characterized by impaired communication skills and repetitive behavior, which often appear… Read More

Types of Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is the principle of analyzing and altering behaviors through a specific mode of treatment. Behavior modification programs for developmentally delayed or handicapped children are examples of the more… Read More

Signs & Symptoms of Asperger's Disease

Asperger's disease or syndrome is a mild form of autism that affects a child's ability to socially interact with other people. Early detection of Asperger's can give children the opportunity… Read More

Activities for Autistic Children

Autism is a mental condition that afflicts nearly one in six children in the United States alone. Although there is no known cure for autism, the condition can be managed… Read More

Autism Teaching Strategies

Autism is a developmental disorder that is usually recognized in a child by the time he is 2 years old. A child with autism may appear normal physically but will… Read More

Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

The principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) focus on behavioral intervention for children diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder. Kids with autism often have difficulty learning basic skills and require… Read More

Autism & Communication Activities

Children diagnosed with autism have communication deficits. Many board games and software are well-suited to teach kids with autism how to identify social cues, take turns, problem-solve and work collaboratively. Read More

Charitable Grants to Start an Autism Business

One in 150 children is diagnosed with some form of autism. Due to the prevalence of autism, along with its complexities, more research and funding is needed. Many families struggle… Read More

Six Autism Symptoms

Autism is a broad spectrum disorder, and 10 kids with autism will present 10 different sets of symptoms. Some are more common than others, though, and help give us an… Read More

Speech Therapy for Children With Autism

Children with autism should start speech therapy as early as possible. Speech therapy can be designed specifically for each child and taught in a one-on-one environment. Speech therapy for children… Read More

How to Get Grants for Children with Autism

Autism grants for kids may help pay for learning equipment, safety measures, supplements, biomedical treatments, therapies, and sometimes specialized child care. These private and government grant programs are set up… Read More

TEACCH Method for Autism

Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped Children (TEACCH) is not behavior modification as much as it is using cognitive psychology results to create a learning experience. It includes… Read More

Why Is April Autism Awareness Month?

In the 1970s, the Autism Society of America proclaimed April as National Autism Awareness Month to raise awareness of the disorder. Today, one in 150 children are diagnosed with an… Read More

Life Skills Activities for Special Children

Life skills activities teach children with special needs how to care for themselves. Basic abilities, such as to brush teeth, dress and undress, wash hands and face, and use the… Read More

Computer Games for Kids With Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that is estimated to affect 1 in 150 people in America according to Autism Society of America. Kids who suffer from autism may have problems… Read More

Asperger's Symptoms in Females

Mental health professionals diagnose significantly more boys than girls with Asperger's syndrome, a type of autism. However, some researchers think many young girls with Asperger's are never diagnosed because their… Read More

Warning Signs of Autism in Infants

The underlying cause of autism remains a mystery. Researchers and doctors believe that there is a genetic link to the disease as well as other variables such as immune system… Read More

Mild Asperger's Symptoms

Asperger's syndrome is one of the milder autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) that involves problems in communication and social skills. Individuals who have mild Asperger's symptoms typically come across as a… Read More

Fun Activities for Children With Autism

Children with autism need a variety of daily activities just like other children do. Developing activities for autistic children should be for fun and for developmental needs. Read on for… Read More

What Are the Dangers of Chelation Therapy?

Chelation happens naturally in the body when protein enzymes attach to minerals, such as iron, for distribution to the specific area of the body where they are needed. Chelation therapy… Read More

Kids with autism have very unique verbal and non-verbal language differences that can make it difficult to talk to them. Kids with autism range from very low to very high… Read More

Classic autism is part of the autism spectrum disorder of developmental disability, and is the most severe disability in this spectrum. Parents typically notice the first signs before the child… Read More

Speech therapy ideas for autism are much different than those for otherwise developmentally normal children. While most speech therapy focuses on sound formation technique, there must be several other things… Read More

Autism Spectrum Disorder is an umbrella term for a wide spectrum of disorders that affect social skills, communication, and repetitive or obsessive traits. It can be mild or very severe.… Read More

Because the causes of autism are not known for sure, it can generate concern for many parents. First-time parents especially, who are new to experiencing the developmental stages of a… Read More

Autism is a communication disorder that affects a growing number of children each year. More money and time are spent on scientific research to isolate the causes of autism, resulting… Read More

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