Back 2 Life Back Massager Therapy Buyer Beware


Поделиться с друзьями

My husband ordered this product to relieve back problems I had as a result of an auto accident. He ordered it at the end of December, it arrived beginning of January, and I attempted to use it shortly thereafter. The product has you on the hard floor, your legs cocked up at a 45 degree angle, with your buttocks pressed against the base of the machine. The height is VERY high that initially was uncomfortable. I felt awkward and hesitant. To reach the power button, you have to skewer your body around (uncomfortable) to turn it on best to have help while trying it. Omigosh! When the machine started, it felt like someone was pulling your legs around and around, twisting your body. I immediately called for my husband to turn it off (remember, the power button is in an awkward position). I crawled off the floor after trying to scoot away from the machine. When I visited my chiro doc the next

day (now my back was killing me!!), he shook his head and said, What did you DO last night? Your all out of alignment! I told him about my husband's surprise gift. Surprise! It twisted my body out of alignment!

I called the company about five weeks after receiving the product, and about two weeks after the tragedy of trying it. They have your number in their system, so I was greeted as Mrs. whoever. Very polite, until I told them what I wanted. They quickly changed their toon, pointing out quite frostily that we were beyond the 30 day return period. Basically you're stuck! My husbad told me to sell it on here, but I like my customers too much to sell this POS to anyone else!

GUIDE UPDATE. since I've written this several people have emailed me requesting that I sell my unit to them. I no longer have it. We are now using it as our family's "White Elephant" Gift

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