Bed bug bites treatment

bed bug bites treatment

Bed Bug Bites: Treatment

Sleeping can be difficult if your bed or clothing is infected with bed bugs. Bed bug bites can be difficult to diagnosis and treat as bed bug bite symptoms mimic other insect bites. World-wide, the number of bed bug infestations continues to rise, focusing scientific solutions to stopping bed bug infestation before they spread. Historically, bed bugs and bed bug bites, were associated with poor home sanitation, personal hygiene, or housekeeping. Today, bed bugs have spread and have been commonly found in beds, furniture, luggage and clothing. Bed bug infestation can be difficult to treat as bed bugs are small and bed bug bites mimic other insect bites. It is important to pinpoint bed bugs location and determine whether you have bed bug bites before having pest control services fumigate your home.

Bed bugs feed on human blood as well as animal blood. It takes an average of 3-15 minutes for a bed bug to suck blood from human flesh especially at night. Bed bugs do not choose a specific are of your body. They may bite around your hands, arms, neck, torso, and even the face. Fortunately, there has been no sign of disease that may be acquired from bed bug bites. Bed bug bite treatment is effective if you receive a qualified diagnosis.

Mouth parts of bed bugs have two grooves of where they transport their saliva into the skin, and extract blood from the body. There is no sex distinction with bed bugs bites, they may either be a male, female, adult, or a nymph. Since bed bugs do not have wings, they multiply rapidly on the walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces. The average female bed bug can lay 5 eggs a day and 500 eggs during their lifetime.

Possible Bed Bug Bites: Complications

Frequently, bed bugs are undetectable and their bites are confused with other insect bites. Some individuals are more sensitive to bed bug bites and have stronger bed bug bite reaction and symptoms. Bed bug bite symptoms, redness or swelling around bites, is primary do an adverse skin reaction from the saliva transmitted by bed bug bites vs. the actual bed bug bite itself.

Bed bugs produce a sweet odor which is a sign of heavy infestation in your household. Another manifestation of bed bugs is decayed spots or dried blood marks on bed or sheets. Usually, these spots

point to their established dwellings.

People worry about possible bed bug bite diseases that bed bugs may transmit. Some medical researchers have associated bed bug bites with vector diseases or harmful pathogens that bed bugs may carry on their bodies. But both have been proven to be unlikely. Knowing these facts, bed bugs do not pose a critical health threat to humans. However, medical attention continues to be focused on bed bug bite symptoms and treatment associated with bed bug bites.

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Bed Bug Bites: Medical Treatment

Bed bug medical treatment is provided depending on the severity of bed bug bite reaction. Usually bed bug bites do not require medical treatment. If itching and inflammation persist, antibiotic cream or local antiseptic lotion and Bite Rx can help control and heal bed bug bite symptoms. However, people bitten with bed bugs should exercise caution and monitor bed bug bite locations for possible secondary infection. If an allergic reaction occurs, it is important to seek medical attention as physicians can prescribe oral antihistamines and corticosteroids.

Bed Bug Bites: Control Measures

Preventive bed bug control measures may not be successful without locating bed bug habitat or dwellings first. Once bed bug habitats are properly identified, commercial chemical or natural insecticides are required for bed bugs elimination. Professional pest control groups may use a variety of aerosols, dusts, and low-odor sprays. Application of pesticides or insecticides on all surfaces of homes may be necessary to irradiate bed bug locations. Beds, sofas, bedding may have to be dis-guarded as they are common locations of bed bug habitat and infestation.

Bats may be a host for bed bugs in or around dwellings and should be removed from attics or in or around roofs. It is also important to clear bird nests from homes as bird nests are good habitats for bed bugs and mites. Repairing wall cracks, doors and windows are also effective preventive measures in or around homes.

During summer seasons, you can wrap your luggage and clothing with a black plastic bag and place them under the sun. Bed bugs and their nymphs cannot endure extreme temperatures and will eventually die when exposed to sun heat. Two to five days of exposure to the sun may be required to produce sufficient heat to eliminate bed bugs.

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