Best Physical Therapy Schools

Whether you’re considering becoming a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapist Assistant, choosing a program from one of the best physical therapy schools should certainly be part of your plan. Finding the right school means examining the curriculum, the atmosphere of the college or university, the statistics regarding graduation, licensure and post-graduate employment, as well as the degree programs offered by each school on your list. In other words, there’s more to creating a list of the best physical therapy schools than just reviewing the ranking of schools in national publications or databases.

Undergraduate Programs

Most students will start out by looking into undergraduate programs. Such programs may be a means of preparing for entrance to a physical therapy masters or doctorate program or can be a means to an end in and of themselves, as is the case with those who are interested in pursuing a career as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTAs).

Most PTA positions are available to candidates who complete an associate degree, though some students decide to get a Bachelor of Science in Health Science, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Science, or some other program that is rich in the physical sciences, including anatomy, physiology and biology, to name a few.

If you’re going for a Bachelor’s degree in preparation for entering a graduate program at one of the best physical therapy schools of your choice, you may want to consider getting your undergrad the community and any other features or characteristics that may be important to your education at the same college or university as the graduate program you intend to enter.

Graduate Programs at The Best Physical Therapy Schools

One of the first steps in reviewing graduate programs in physical therapy is to check out where programs are listed in the national rankings. U.S. News & World Report

is one of the primary sources for knowing which schools are considered the best physical therapy schools in the United States and abroad. The report, which is published bi-annually, includes programs for Master’s and Doctorate degrees in physical therapy.

Such lists will give you polled opinions on the rankings for the best physical therapy programs. which should certainly play a role in your choice of where to get your graduate education. You’ll also want to consider the geographic location of the school, class sizes, cultural aspects of

You have to keep in mind that you can get a quality education from many different colleges and universities and that the listed ranking of a school is only one aspect of what determines which graduate program is right for you. Don’t dismiss the other characteristics or attributes that are important to you.

Make sure you choose a school that is in a locale that you like and in which you will be comfortable. Check out the surrounding community, climate information, culture, and what sort of other attractions, activities and features the location of the school offers. Don’t forget that you’ll be living and playing there as well as going to school there. Consider the cost of living, transportation, and all the other practical aspects of planning your graduate school attendance, as well.

Top 10 Best Physical Therapy Schools

You will find that many of the best physical therapy schools are larger universities ; however, there are some smaller schools that make their way into the top ranked schools. Following are just the first ten colleges and universities in the list of the best physical therapy schools. Should you wish to see a full listing of the top 100 physical therapy schools you should follow this link to the top physical therapy schools page.

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