What is the best pimple treatment.

best pimple treatment

J_A_Knowles 3/30/09 8:59 PM

I used to (and still occasionally do) have terrible breakouts.

In fact, it was so terribly when I was a young teen, that my mom had me put on antibiotics. I'm still not quite sure how they were supposed to work, but they didn't.

If you are really bothered by them, I'd recommend seeing a dermatologist.

Otherwise, I use mostly Biore Ice Wash (for acne prone skin) and then Biore moisturizer. Also I used pore strips once and a while on my nose, forehead and chin. Basically the T-zone. (I have combination -oily and flaky- skin, so it's ridiculous keeping it moisturized but not clogged)

Weirder remedies include putting toothpaste on the trouble spots (I like the Aquafresh ExtremeClean PowerWhite) as trinasaki suggested.

Also effective

are;orange peels, potatoes and onions, because like they do with bee and wasp stings, they 'draw out' the toxins.

And of course, the usual, keep your skin exfoliated, wash it in the morning and in the night (too often will dry it out), drink lots of water and stay away from super sugary, greasy or salty foods. Lots of booze'll make you break out as well. Change your pillowcases often.

Oh, and in the process of a month your body grows an entirely fresh layer of skin (like a snake except with gradual shedding!) this'll cause dead skin cells to clog up pores like mad, so every two weeks or so give yourself a go-over with a loofah or scrub-brush to get the excess skin off of your body and always remember to exfoliate your face (using a much gentler method).

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