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FACT: The Best Over-The-Counter Acne Products Can Be Just As Effective As A Prescription In Treating Acne

‘I want to be acne free, but  where do I start?’


Unless you have serious forms of acne, such as cystic acne, it’s almost 100% guaranteed that you should be looking for a good over-the-counter acne product. The best ones treat acne very, very effectively. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the majority of acne products are terrible! You want healthier, clearer skin without going through the never-ending myriad of cures that each promise changes they do not deliver on. We get it! It’s super frustrating to try one thing after another only to find that you’re still stuck with unsightly, itchy bumps on your face. That’s why we have sorted through hundreds of products, checked reviews online, and talked to doctors to create our comparison chart . It’s the first place to start your search for a treatment that really works.

There are a combination of factors that cause acne in teens and adults including diet, skincare products and hormones. Heredity can also play a role in whether you develop acne. On this site, you will find a variety of information to help you understand which methods of prevention really work and the best products available for treatment.

In order to make it easier for you to find what you need, we took the most popular products available and reviewed them using the following criteria:

  • The best reported results from users
  • What customers had to say about using the product
  • The science behind the active ingredients
  • Whether the ingredients in the product were of good or better quality
  • The use of natural extracts
  • The incidence of side effects

Unlike those sites that give you inaccurate information in order to promote their product, we evaluated these products without any bias to help you meet your goal of having healthier skin. We have everything you need to understand the causes of acne, what to do to prevent or eliminate outbreaks and the three

best treatment options according to real customer results. Read all of our product reviews to find out not only what worked, but how it worked and why it stood out from the crowd.

  Top 3 Acne Treatment Solutions

1. Exposed Skin Care

One of the biggest concerns when using products for comprehensive treatment is in drying out skin and causing more problems. Exposed Skin Care is an entire skin care line that includes a cleanser, astringent tonic and two different serums that are formulated to clean skin and fight acne 24 hours a day without over drying.

The ingredients in Exposed include salicylic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, azelaic acid which is an anti-inflammatory and also reduces redness caused by prior outbreaks. Sage and aloe vera are also added for natural healing and moisturizing. Exposed is reasonably priced and comes with a money back guarantee.

2. DermaCleanse

Made by ZENMED, DermaCleanse incorporates the medical benefits of salicylic acid with natural ingredients including thyme, aloe vera, cucumber and sage to create a powerful treatment that is gentle on the skin. Customers who used DermaCleanse often saw results in only a few days. The feature that makes this product stand out is the dietary supplement that helps to treat from the inside. The ingredients in DermaCleanse have been proven effective in the treatment process. DermaCleanse is a very affordable product that also comes with a money back guarantee.

This is a three-step 100% herbal treatment that includes the wash, cream and an herbal supplement. It contains salicylic acid, among other ingredients, and is formulated to wash away dirt and oil, tighten pores, fight bacteria and add the right kind of moisture to the skin. The ingredients are effective at preventing acne that occurs as the result of diet, hormones, and other factors. ClearPores reduces the amount of sebum produced in the skin which can plug up pores and lead to outbreaks. The effectiveness of ClearPores as a treatment is supported by clinical trials. It is reasonable priced and also comes with a money back guarantee.

Read more about these and other treatment solutions to help you get the best results.

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