Biosilk silk therapy reviews

biosilk silk therapy reviews

Biosilk Silk Therapy makes my hair silky - if used sparingly


Farouk Biosilk Silk Therapy is a leave in treatment for dry, damaged hair. It gives it shine and makes dull hair look healthy. It works well, but a little goes a very long way. If you use too much, you will end up with a greasy look and feel to your hair.

After highlighting and using curling irons and hot rollers on my hair, it started to resemble straw. I was in desperate need of shine and damage control.

I bought Biosilk Silk Therapy in a kit with several other Biosilk products. The small plastic container was only 2.26 ounces but has lasted me nearly a year!

This product is best used on dry hair but can be applied to towel dried damp hair as well. I use it after I blow dry. I only use a few drops of this clear, somewhat thick serum. I rub my palms together and rake my hands gently through my hair, starting at the ends. I avoid my roots because I need volume and this product can be greasy,

I then use hairspray if I wish or leave my hair as it is. I use this before I style to protect my hair from the heat of styling aides.

I have seen improvement in my hair after using this product. My frizzy ends look smoother and my hair looks shinier. If I use just

a few drops on my long, middle of the back hair, I don't lose any volume or bounce. If I use more, my hair goes limp and looks greasy.

It is tricky getting the right amount of product for your hair but, after a try or two, you should find exactly how much product you need for best results.

This product contains silk which binds the hair and strengthens it. It is also good for your skin! A few drops on the face or neck will deeply moisturize and hydrate the driest of skin.

I don't use it that way but know people who do and they rave about the results.

I use Farouk Biosilk Silk Therapy often. It doesn't give me a greasy look and it helps to tame flyaways and frizzies. Although it comes in a very small bottle, it will last months with regular use.

The cost for the 2.26 ounce bottle is about $10.00. Mine has lasted over nine months and I think I can get another month out of it so it's quite a steal.

You can also buy this product in a 5.64 ounce size which will last forever!

I like this serum better than many others because it is essentially weightless and doesn't immediately add weight to my fine hair.

I give it 4 stars and recommend it to those whose hair needs some shine and protection from heated styling aides. It works!

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