Yeast infection treatment over the counter


There are several over the counter medications used to treat vaginal yeast infections. Each medication is produced by a different manufacturer and is sold as a brand name. Although all of the medications are able to eliminate a yeast infection, the medication in one brand may work better for a woman than another brand. Monistat brand has the drug miconazole nitrate, and Gyne-Lotrimin contains an antifungal called clotrimazole.

Treatment Options

Currently, there are no oral medications available over the counter to treat vaginal yeast infections. All treatments are inserted vaginally with an applicator. Creams will normally come in pre-filled applicators to decrease the potential mess. The medication is also available as a vaginal suppository and a tablet.


Some over the counter medication packages may only contain the antifungal medication. Other packages will also include a small tube of cream. The additional cream is used on the external area of the vagina. The cream helps relieve the itching and burning symptoms that accompany a vaginal yeast infection.


Each package of medication comes with applicators to insert the medicine into the vagina comfortably. Some packages contain pre-filled applicators while others are packaged separately. When they are packages separately, the cream, ovule or suppository must be inserted into the applicator. With both of these options, the applicator is disposable. Some packages of over the counter medications come with a reuseable applicator. The applicator should be washed with soap and water and left to dry after between uses.

When to Dose

Although most can be taken at any time, vaginal medication is ideally used just before bedtime. This makes it easier for the woman's body to retain a maximum amount of the medication.



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