Best Blood Pressure Medication List

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common problem amongst most people especially middle aged adults. This blood pressure medication list is intended to help them.

Although the condition can be very distressing and risky, sometimes fatal, it is often controllable. In fact, some hypertension cases have been successfully treated and eliminated. The chances of treatment depend on the high blood pressure medication one uses and the recovery activities one partakes. High blood pressure medications are generally used to lower the blood pressure to given levels depending on the patient’s age. For persons under 80 years, lowering it to 140/90 clinically and 135/85 when measured at home is the common practice. Persons above this age have higher targets of pressures below 150/90.

Blood Pressure Medication List

There are five main categories or classes of medicine used to lower blood pressure and several drug brands fall under each category. This blood pressure medication list contains the top medications used to treat hypertension and facilitate lowering of blood pressure.

a) ACE Inhibitors – ACE Inhibitors are the first entry in our blood pressure medication list.These are basically enzymes that convert angiotensin II, ACE. Angiotensin is a chemical made and released in the bloodstream within veins and blood passages. Since the chemical has a tendency to accumulate and narrow the blood vessels, the more they are produced, the higher the blood pressure. ACE inhibitors convert the chemical to other forms that can be quickly eliminated from the blood vessels. This widens them and reduces blood pressure. There are various brands under this class. Captopril, ramipril, cilazapril, enalapril, quinapril, perindopril and lisinopril among others. ACE inhibitors are not advisable for people with certain kidney and liver conditions. It is therefore important to contact a physician before using any medication.

b) Water tablets diuretics – Water tablets, or diuretics as they are commonly known are used to increase the amount of fluid, salt and some chemicals passed  out to urine channels. This result in reduced fluid content

in blood vessels thus reducing blood pressure. They may also have relaxing effects that widen the vessels. Some common brands include chlortalidone, indapamide, cyclopenthiazide and bendrofluemethiazide among others. This high blood pressure medication needs working kidneys and certain blood properties to function as desired. They are also used in very small amounts.

c) Angiotensin receptor blockers – These medications basically have the same effect as ACE inhibitors albeit with a different working mechanism. They are sometimes referred to as ACE receptor antagonists and work by blocking the effects of angiotensin on blood vessel walls. Common brands include candesartan, eprosartan, telmisartan, olmesartan, valsartan among others.

d) Beta-blockers – These drugs slow the heart rate and heart pumping force which result in lowered blood pressure. They are ill-advised for patients of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary conditions or diseases. There are several common brands of beta blocker. Timolol, acebutolol, bisoprolol, atenolol and sotalol among many others.

e) Calcium-channel blockers – These medications affect the use of calcium in blood channels. They generally produce a relaxing effect on the blood vessels thus widening them and reducing  blood pressure. Some popular brands include amlodipine, nifedipine, nicardipin, verapamil, lacidipine and falodipine among others.

f) Dietary Supplements –  Dietary supplements like Pure Omega Krill Oil provide a large number of benefits. These include regulating blood pressure, cholesterol, brain function and a variety of other health benefits. Click here to read a full review .

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There are several medications available for high blood pressure. This blood pressure medication list contains several but there are many more available. It is important to verify with your doctor on which types of drugs you should use in order to avoid mild side-effects and other complications to existing conditions. The above classes of medicines form the mostly recommended high blood pressure medication all over the world.

Medicines for high blood pressure

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