Boils Treatment

boils treatment

Boils (skin abscesses) are painful, huge, reddish bumps which are caused due to infections that are found deep inside the skin. A boil generally starts as a gentle area that hardens and swells and looks like a blind pimple. Boils develop gradually, but finally the center softens and develops into a head. The head contains bacteria and white blood cells which are sent to fight the infection known as pus. It is possible to drain the boil with the help of the boil lancing method, when it reaches its final stage or it could drain suddenly. The best way of treating this is with the application of hot packs. The heat in these hot packs draws more blood which helps in fighting the infection.

Another cause of boils is ingrown hair. Other than that, boils can also be formed if the skin is punctured due to a cut or splinter which later becomes infected. Usually, one could draw the boil to a head by applying damp heat packs. Some people also try the lancing process; however lancing may not be a good idea if the head has not formed. On the other hand, this can have an opposite effect, thus slowing the healing process. Although boils do not always need emergency treatments, you will have to seek the help of your doctor if you are not feeling well or if you develop high fever.

When boils are connected with each other through tunnels under the skin, such a formation is known as a carbuncle. The most common areas where boils form include places where it sweats the most, where clothing clings on the body and also where there is friction against other areas of the body.

Healing of Boils

A boil generally takes about 2 weeks to heal naturally. After some days of its formation, the boil turns into a bulge filled with pus. After the boil matures, this pus comes out along with blood. As time passes by, the boil dries and vanishes from the skin leaving a small mark.

At times, boils become too painful and too contagious to get cured. If you get boils on prominent locations such as on the face and if it is too big, then it's better you visit a doctor instead of trying to lance the boil on your own.

Medical Boils Treatment
  • In certain cases, even though you do not find a distinct head, the boils become extremely large. When this happens, the doctor tries the hot pack method to increase the circulation in the boil, so that a head is formed
  • Severe cases of boil formation will be treated with antibiotics by the doctor
  • The last step in boil treatment would be surgery. This will only be adopted if it becomes almost impossible to treat it with other medicines.
  • If along with the occurrence of boils, you experience high fever, you will be prescribed separate medicines for treating the fever by your doctor
Homemade Remedies for Boils Treatment
  • Ever since the onset of human civilization Neem has turned out to be a remedial substance for many diseases. You may grind the bark of neem tree and make a paste to apply it on the infected skin area as a treatment for boils.
  • Castor tree is also said to have a good healing property. You may apply the paste of bark of a castor tree and that of the root of a tree called biskhapra, biologically known as Triathema Monogyny on the boil.
  • Always keep clean the area of the boil as the pus coming out of the boil is highly infectious and may develop more boils in the adjoining areas of skin.
  • You may also go for a topical application with a paste of two to three garlic cloves.
  • A warm paste of equal quantity of garlic and ginger

    is also quite useful for boils treatment.

  • To burst open the boil in its early stage and to stop it from growing further you may use peepal leaf. Smear a peepal leaf with ghee and then put it on the boil with a bandage of lukewarm temperature.
Homeopathic Boils Treatment

Through homeopathic treatments, which are known to be free from side effects and are made up of all-natural ingredients, you can easily get a flawless skin. These treatments not only help in warding off the skin boils but also work upon the core reason why the symptoms exist on your skin.

Apart from the given benefits a boil sufferer is also relieved from other skin troubles which usually accompany boils. Some other benefits a person suffering from boils can avail with the use of genuine homeopathic medicine are:

  • Relief from burning sensation
  • Reduction in the skin inflammation
  • Dropdown in the pain
  • Riddance from skin itchiness
  • Control over boil stinginess

The best part of homeopathic medication is that it is free from synthetic ingredients and is immensely effective.

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Diet for Boils Treatment
  • Include food items that are fibrous in nature along with plenty of water in diet as treatment for boils.
  • Avoid intake of food like white bread and sugar.
  • Consume foods that are rich in Vitamin A and Zinc. Zinc helps in rapid healing of the skin. You may take in food items like squash and sweet potatoes for vitamin A and oysters and seeds of sunflower for zinc.
  • Vegetable juice of carrot and celery will help your body to get rid of toxic substances.
  • You may also eat melons to detox your blood
  • You must avoid having fatty and sour food items
Herbal Boils Treatment
  • Usage of 500 mg of cat's claws extract can help to get rid of the boil formation as it has antibacterial properties. But you are recommended to avoid taking in cat's claw if you are pregnant or taking any anti-coagulant.
  • Herbal medicines like Echinacea and goldenseal have antiviral and antibacterial properties respectively. Boils can be effectively treated if they are consumed with prescribed quantities.
  • Ginger helps to form the head of the boil.
  • Paste of green clay helps to dry up the pus filled lump and brings remission to the pain.
  • Oregano extract has also very strong antibacterial properties and so it can be used for the treatment for boils.
  • Paste of pink bark and grape seed extracts are useful, as they constitute anti-inflammatory and bioflavonoid agents.
  • Usnea moss is highly effective in fighting against the activities of the staphylococcus bacteria, responsible for causing boils. You may use Usnea moss in the form of tea. Boil 3 tablespoons of the herb extract for three minutes. Then remove the solution from heat and allow it to cool down for ten minutes. Then apply the tea soaked in a clean cloth on the boil surface for them to fifteen minutes. This therapeutic method is highly effective as treatment for boils.
The best possible boils treatment is to take up effective preventive measures to avoid being infected by it. Boils are formed due to the bacterial activities initiated by the accumulation of germs. So, it is necessary to keep your skin clean and germ free to avoid incidence of boils.

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