Bone healing

Dear Friend,

If you or a loved one is suffering from a severe fracture or some other bone-related illness, this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

My daughter’s a gymnast. A good one and as a mother, I am very proud of her.

Recently, while Kristin was practicing her floor routine, she broke her ankle. It was bad. An ambulance came and took her to the hospital.

She was crushed. She was devastated. I was too for her. National championships were only six weeks away and she was one of the anchors on the team.

One can only imagine how she felt.

The doctors said her cast would be on for two months-minimum. Maybe longer.

As a mother and as a medical researcher, that was unacceptable to me. My daughter is too good to have this opportunity pass by her.

So I went to work…

I decided to take control of my daughter’s healing. I started researching various therapies and regimens, and then applying what we learned.

As a trained medical researcher and analyst, I have access to a massive library of medical knowledge not normally available to people outside the profession. I took advantage of this information, studying as much as I could.

In addition, I sought out the expert advice of trained medical doctors, including bone specialists, best naturopaths and homeopaths in California and Marseilles (France) where I often pay a visit.

I was absolutely amazed at what I discovered. You will be too.

Within just four weeks of applying what I discovered, my daughter’s cast was off and she was practicing again with her teammates. And she and her team went on to WIN the nationals.

I was so happy for her.

If you’re currently suffering from a broken bone. whether it’s a simple, compound or a hairline fracture, you’ll be amazed as well.

Now maybe you or a loved one find yourself in a similar situation. One where you can’t afford to be “out of commission” any longer than you need to be.

    Maybe you play sports. Or maybe you’re in the performing arts, like a dancer or an actor. Or maybe you have a job which requires some sort of manual labor.

Have you recently experienced a fracture? Maybe a simple or compound fracture?

Or maybe you’re thinking you’re beginning to get “brittle bone” disease.

Or be honest. Does it look like you’re growing shorter as you grow older?

When your bones begin to fail you. when you suffer an accident. or when you’re in pain. when your bones “ache” in the morning.

That’s what we discovered. You need to address your symptoms immediately. Do not delay. “Bone health affects overall health,” states bone specialist Dr. Warren Levy, Unigene Laboratories. “

. a new study recently confirmed that older people who break a hip have nearly a 25 percent chance of dying within five years.”

The good news is there are success-certain, healthy alternative steps that can be taken to not just protect and build your bones as you age. but heal them faster.

You can help heal your bones—faster than you ever thought possible. Up to three times faster -- almost one-third the time. BUT--unless you’ve suffered an injury, unless you go in for testing, or visit the doctor, or a surgeon, or a chiropractor, it’s impossible to tell the true health of your bones.

If you’re over the age of 40, and you’ve suffered a bone injury, your overall health is at risk. Or if you’ve suffered a fracture of some sort - hairline or severe, you absolutely need to learn the best ways to heal.

Someone, maybe a doctor, a dear friend or relative, has probably shared with you some of the facts about bone health. And now you need to comfort and console yourself by finding QUALITY information on restoring the health of your bones.

I’ve spent the last three months putting all that I’ve learned and helped my daughter with into a book.

I’ve done the research—and now I want to share it with you.

There’s a reason. And it’s not what you think. It’s NOT about you getting older.

Myths abound. (I’ll share those with you below.)

Most importantly, you want to recover from your injury fast—just like I helped my daughter.

Maybe you've suffered a recent injury, such as a “hairline fracture.”

. Or maybe you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis, where you’ve experience significant bone loss, with bones becoming more likely to break.

. Or maybe you have aching, tingling or severe pain in your hands or feet and joints. These may be symptoms of arthritis or gout.

Or even cancer.

Regardless of your specific condition, you’ve come to the right place. I have the answers you've been searching for.

No matter what (or where) your bone fracture, injury or disease, you are not alone.

Most people do not pay enough attention to their bones until it’s almost too late or unless they are in great pain. Or until after they've suffered some sort of bone-related setback and have had to consult a doctor or surgeon.

For instance:

    The number of fractures increase as we grow older. 21% of the population are at risk of fracture after the age of 40. (You can be the exception and not become a statistic.) Studies show as many as 44 Million Americans suffer from Osteoporosis and Osteopenia--and the majority don’t even know it. Mostly women, but many men. And that’s not counting other bone related diseases. Bone related injuries have risen dramatically over the last decade, especially in seniors. This is because the nutritional quality of our diet and exercise has decreased over time. This can be easily and quickly reversed.

Most people don't even know they are experiencing bone loss --until it's too late . According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 17% of the population are not even aware the health of their bone mass is being depleted —substantially increasing the risk of fracture.

When they do discover, and they see their x-rays or their MRI, the situation becomes painfully obvious. Their bones are becoming more porous and weaker .

Here's the great news - It’s a Miracle!

Astonishingly, your bones CAN become healthy once again. Good as new. They can become strong. Your injury can heal rapidly.

Once I started applying what I learned, my brace was off in just one week. I couldn’t believe it.

But you need to know what to do.

You need quality information. You need a plan. Bones are considered a living tissue and can be restored, fortified and protected.

And healed - rapidly.

With bones, it will always take a bit of time, but if you have concerns regarding your bones, if you’ve suffered injury, there are things you can do to improve.

Here’s what happens.

When we are young and growing, we are building bone mass. Almost every day a little more bone is added to our skeletal system.

Be honest. Are you getting shorter?

Then as we mature, unless we continually protect and strengthen, we start to lose the bone mass we’ve gathered. Some people, especially women, get shorter the longer we live. This directly related to a loss of bone.

Why Does Bone Loss Occur?

It’s because your body is constantly rebalancing. The key factor is called your pH.

If your blood’s pH is too low, meaning below 7.34, your body will automatically “steal” valuable minerals like calcium from your bones to compensate for the loss of essential minerals in your body’s blood and other organs so that your blood can be less acidic.

There many things you can do to boost the health, density and strength of your bones.

They’re all detailed in your book “Bone Healing Miracle”

For instance…

If you’ve suffered a fracture, it can often take more than 12 weeks for most bones in your body to heal. We’ll share with you

five ways to quicken the healing process.

Or if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, we’ll share with you how to get back some of that bone mass--without side-effect inducing drugs.

And if your bones ache, we’ll give you three ways to overcome your pain, all WITHOUT pain relievers. (And in fact, if you use pain relievers, it may make the problem WORSE.)

    Where does it hurt? If you're experiencing aches and pains in your bones, find out what your symptoms mean for your health. How you can heal your bones, often within days. Obviously if you’re athlete, laborer or someone who needs to use their body every day, my book can help you get back into top form quickly. Supplements and vitamins that cause bone healing to speed up your recovery. Also—those that compromise your return to health. Why calcium (alone) does not speed up bone healing. There are three other vitamins and minerals which immediately increase calcium absorption. I’ll share with you. Surprising foods (that you thought were unhealthy) that actually assist the bone building in your body. The one habit you must stop if you want to increase the healing of your bones. How to avoid bone deformities after a fracture. (No one wants to walk with a limp.) Wonder workouts (scientifically-based) that help build your bones than typical cardio How to induce “small vibrations” to increase bone density Herbs and oils that can help heal How to stimulate bone growth or counteract age-related bone loss (Hint: Not everyone responds the same way to the same physical activities.) 3 foods marketed as "healthy" that massively deplete bone mass. stay FAR away from these as possible! If you have “the gout,” you’ll learn two store-bought, off-the-shelf juices that will almost immediately eliminate your pain--and restore your bone health. Easy, non-resistance exercises that increase flexibility and bone mass. Three Types of Exercises the stimulate bone healing. Why drinking milk to replenish bone loss is a bad idea. Why blood thinners are bad for your bones. Surprising side effects of several bone density medications. When you have you yearly physical, the one test you must have after age 50. The most natural and rarely discussed things you can do for your body that will increase bone density, and heal broken bones faster.

There are many myths and “old wives tales” about bones.

Bone disease and injury is a major threat. It affects approximately 44 million Americans, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Unfortunately, most don’t know they are at risk or how to prevent it.

Both women AND MEN lose bone density as they age. Men over the age of 40 are more likely to crack a bone than to get prostate cancer according to the foundation. Some researchers are predicting a 56 percent increase in incidents of male osteoporotic fractures.

People can’t feel their bones weakening. They don’t know if they are susceptible to bone breaks, even over the slightest of injuries.

They may not know they have osteoporosis until a bone breaks from something as simple as sneezing. In seniors, simply walking up a flight of steps can create a hairline fracture.

(I know this for a fact: My grandmother sneezed one time and she fractured her arm! We had to take her to the hospital.)

Sure, when a bone breaks you’ll feel it--no doubt. But until then, you do not feel your bones weakening—until it’s too late.

Don’t let that happen to you.

It’s time to reverse the bone deterioration and restore your health. And in the process, quickly mend the fracture.

You see them every day--Osteoporosis drug ads that target older women. Gracefully aging celebrities, golden sunsets and women exercising or playing with grandchildren can obscure the fact that some of these medications have been linked to dangerous side effects.

Side effects such as severe bone degeneration over time, muscle or joint pain, heart problems, kidney failure and even cancer.

Plus pain relievers, even over the counter medications like Ibuprofen and aspirin, also compromise bone health with fractures.

As men and women get older, they begin to avoid exercise, thinking it can injure themselves.

There are three different types of exercises which are extremely effective in building strong bones. And expediting bone healing. In “Bone Healing Miracle,” we’ll share these different types of exercises extremely useful to your bones but also helpful to the rest of your body.

You don’t have to be a tri-athlete, or visit the gym. But doing these types of exercises will strengthen your bones.

Genetics and heredity greatly influence a person’s risk of developing bone disease. For instance, if either parent has had osteoporosis or a history of broken bones, the children are more likely at risk.

If one has a spine that curved forward or noticeable height loss, osteoporosis might have been the cause.

Fortunately, this all can be addressed through knowledge. And that’s when we have published our new book “Bone Healing Miracle.”

Maintaining healthy bones isn’t just about preventing painful symptoms. It’s important for maintaining a good quality of life as you age, so take good care of your bones,” said Levy.

"One of the most important influences on fracture healing is nutrition," says orthopedist Martin Yahiro, M.D. a consultant to FDA.

Calcium and vitamin D alone do little - unless they can be absorbed by the body.

In our book “Bone Healing Miracle” we’ll share specifically you how to get the maximum absorption of these vital minerals. You’ll be amazed at little-known secrets to absorb essential minerals that promote healthy, strong bones.

I had paid visits to specialist doctors, best naturopaths and homeopaths, and also taken notes of these proven but rarely discussed secrets.

The healing time for broken bones is dramatically influenced by a number of variables that nutrition can impact.

Including blood supply.

For example, the ends of your long bones are “vascular”, meaning they get more blood to them. So they heal faster than the center. Certain types of food and exercise can foster increased blood supply and reduce the time it takes to heal.

Sometimes our habits, whether we believe it or not, compromise our health. For instance, almost everyone knows smoking is bad for your lungs.

But did you also know it’s even worse for your bones? You absolutely need to take advantage of the rapid bone healing secrets.

In “Bone Healing Miracle” you’ll learn about several “bone robbers.” And some of them are things you would have NEVER expected. As much as 40% of your skeletal mass can be robbed—unless you take action now.

So if you’re experiencing a painful fracture, a sprain or some other bone related malady, you owe to yourself to get my book “Bone Healing Miracle.”

In it, you’ll learn how you can mend fractures fast as well as take the best care of your bones. Almost forcing them to heal rapidly. Remember, when your bones are the core of your health. When they start to fail, everything goes downhill.

Do you really want these

side-effects of bone-related drugs?

There’s a better way to protect your bones, increase bone mass and live a pain-free life.

In “Bone Healing Miracle,” I’ll share cutting-edge, up-to-date research to heal bones faster and more completely 100% naturally. we’ll share how to keep your bones strong into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond..

It all starts with understanding what creates healthy bones. If you’ve recently suffered anything bone-related, if you’ve been injured, you owe it to yourself to get this book and learn alternative ways to rapidly restore your health and heal your bones.

You will be amazed to learn that many of the great foods and supplements can be found right in your kitchen, or in a nearby grocery shop.

So go ahead and get my immediately downloadable 76-page “Bone Healing Miracle” It’s just $67 $37 for limited time!

To order, just click the link below.

Often when you suffer a bone fracture, other parts of your body related to the break are harmed as well. That's why when you purchase my book “Bone Healing Miracle,” I want to experience the power of rapid healing methods for other vital parts of your body.

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