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bowen therapy uk

Looking After the Public

Members of the public put their trust in us when looking for a practitioner and frequently contact Head Office to check if the Bowen Practitioner they were planning to see is registered with The Bowen Association UK. They value the reassurance that their chosen practitioner is a member of a professional association.

Recently we were emailed by someone who had been given a business card with the Bowtech logo on it, assumed he must be a Member, but on discovering that the practitioner in question did not appear on our website, got in touch with us to find out why not.

Only members of The Bowen Association UK are licensed to use the Bowtech and Bowen Association UK logos. This is our policy and the written policy of Ossie Rentsch and Bowtech too. If a member leaves, then they are no longer permitted to use them. Use of the logo implies that a practitioner is a member of our professional association and is the privilege only of our members and only they are entitled to the status that it confers.

We investigated, and discovered that the member had left us in 2009, was no longer entitled to use the logo, and they were immediately contacted by us and informed they must cease to do so. A request with

which, they have complied. It is always a concern to us if it appears someone is presenting themselves as a Member of The Bowen Association UK by using the logo - so if you are ever aware of this happening - please let us know and we will take the necessary action. This is important to ensure that our professional standards are safe guarded, we can only give assurances to the public when practitioners are our members, and unlicensed use of the logo is a serious issue for us.

As you all know, only Full Members are listed on the website. In order to be a full member, practitioners need to study and pass Anatomy and Physiology, hold a current First Aid Certificate, full insurance and undertake Postgraduate Continued Professional Development (CPD) every year. This is the assurance we give the public if we publish a practitioner on the site.

We explained to the member of the public that we were only able to recommend practitioners who are registered with us as Full Members, and thanked him for letting us know, and that we would be taking appropriate action. His response was to say this:

"Thank you - your approach to this have given me great confidence in your organisation".

We think that says it all.


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