How to Hack Your Mind With Brain Wave Therapy

What Brain Wave Therapy Can Do For You

Can you use brain wave therapy to improve your life? The short answer is, yes.  In and of itself, brain wave therapy will relax you, open your mind to new ideas, inspire you and let you think more creatively. Those are certainly benefits that are worth experiencing!

The long answer is, brain wave therapy is an important part of a personal growth program. Brain wave therapy isn’t going to make you break bad habits, lose weight, become more easygoing or manifest what you want. However, if you plan on making any meaningful changes in your life, you have to create the mental environment to allow that to happen. You have to change the way you think so that you begin seeing the results of that new thinking in your life.

Sitting there thinking, “I’m going to change the way I think” won’t work. You have to go past what you think consciously, deep into the subterranean archives of your subconscious mind, where your beliefs live. Why? Because 95% of your thoughts are unconscious and only 5% are conscious. Guess which has more “pull” on your actions?

The problem is, when you’re alert and conscious, the password to those archives is nowhere to be found. When you’re awake and alert, you are not as receptive to new information and ideas as you might believe, simply because your old conditioning might reject the new information or ideas.

New ideas or information that conflict with your conditioning (or programming) are automatically rejected as impossible. For example, if you are struggling with finances because of deeply-buried programming about money, telling yourself that “I have what it takes to make billions” is going to be rejected. A big buzzer goes off, and the idea is tossed aside. You experience this anytime you feel fear, resistance or doubt about any new idea you have!

Call in the hacker!

The hacker is you; your secret master password is “meditation.” Meditation goes hand in hand with brain wave therapy! To access the subconscious, you have to enter an altered state of consciousness – that creates the right mental environment for changing the old programming.  Entering an altered state of consciousness (like meditation) allows new ideas to be more readily accepted.

Brain wave therapy allows you to hack  into your mind, bypass the old programming and install new programming.

You can change your state of consciousness using music (rhythmic, repetitive drumming  has been used for millennia to do put people in a trance); traditional meditation music or brain wave entrainment technology like Omharmonics. Music and traditional meditation are great for altering your state of consciousness, but you may have trouble staying in the desired state. The answer for most of us may be brain wave entrainment. The brain synchronizes with the sound; within minutes, you are in deep meditation. Brain wave entrainment technology uses specific frequencies embedded in the soundtrack to guide your brain to the precise state you wish to enter. Then, it keeps your brain there for as long as you wish.

Here’s a

quick breakdown of the characteristics of the various states of consciousness:

  • Gamma: Euphoria, ecstasy, oneness
  • Beta: Focus /concentration, attention, alertness, analytical/logical thinking
  • Alpha: Creativity, creative problem-solving, right-brain thinking, light meditation, relaxation, intuition, creative visualization and openness to self-programming
  • Theta: superlearning, deep meditation, dreaming sleep
  • Delta: deep, dreamless sleep, healing

Your brain cycles in and out of most of these states very quickly throughout the day (that is literally the reason you will have a “flash” of inspiration – your brain has just dipped into alpha for a microsecond or two!

For personal growth work – to change unwanted habits, release fears, imprint new ideas and thoughts, etc. – the alpha level is the most desirable.

All of these brainwave states can be achieved using brain wave therapy. Other benefits include deep relaxation, stress relief. accelerated learning, development of intuition, clarity of thinking, peak performance, heightened creativity and spiritual development. The most common uses for brain wave therapy are curing addictions and changing beliefs.

Hacking the Mind

Ready to hack your mind? When you are in the state of relaxed awareness known as the alpha level, you can start using spoken affirmations (verbal commands), strong positive emotions and creative visualization to install new programming. Yes, it’s that simple!

It’s simple, but it takes persistence and daily practice for a month or two. That might seem like a lot of work right now, but… 15 minutes a day of focused brain wave therapy is not a huge time investment. Over two months, that’s only 15 hours of self-reprogramming. Compare that with the 4 hours on AVERAGE that people waste watching TV every single day… which one is going to get you results: the one where you are changing your thoughts, or the one where you mindlessly zone out to the latest “reality” show? The fact is, thoughts generate emotions. Emotions are the most motivational force out there and drive your actions. Your actions get you results. So, you can see how such a small investment in yourself is worth squeezing out of a busy day.

The daily practice goes like this: enter the meditative state (again, using brain wave entrainment is highly effective); focus on what you desire – a major life goal – and use creative visualization, positive emotions and positive self-talk to gradually start building new neural pathways. Hold on to that thought/image/emotion as long as you can. Within 30-60 days, you’ll feel like that new idea is normal and a part of you. Of course the proof is in your actions. When you start being bolder about taking opportunities and seeking ways to make your dream happen, you know you’re thinking the right way.

Don’t get frustrated during the process! It took you years to install your current programming! Unfortunately, we don’t work exactly like computers so plan on 30-60 days for new programming to take effect. The good news? Once a new belief is established, it remains in place unless NEW programming overrides it!

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