Where to buy Healing Crystals

September 9, 2011

I honestly get asked this time and time again as I have a huge collection of gob-smacking healing crystals that I use everyday in so many ways.  Crystals are part of my life I couldn’t do without them.

So today this post is about where I buy my healing crystals and some of the ways I use them.

Firstly before I get onto where I buy my healing crystals. I will go into ways I use them.

In the Bath – yes, that’s correct.  I love to linger in a lovely warm bath, to soak away the stresses of the day and rejuvenate my body.  I look at my crystal healing chart and pick which crystal would be best for me at that time.  It might be bloodstone if my blood pressure is up a little, amethyst if I feel I have ‘the flu coming on or I have been stressed to the max during the day. Sugarlite if I have a headache.

I place the crystal in the bath and then run the water.  I always add 6 drops of Lavender to my baths.  I then light a candle, put on some relaxation music, turn off the light and step into the bath, close my eyes and soak.  I mentally ask the chosen crystal to heal me, then just drift for a while.  AHHH…Oh my stars it is magic!  Most times I feel the energy of crystal doing its work.

In My Home Office for Money – I have Citrine, Malachite and Green Adventurine programmed for abundance.  For mental Clarity I have a beautiful quartz crystal on my computer desk.  This also soaks up any harmful emissions from my computer.  I cleanse it every week.

I have a large piece of Citrine placed on display tables as you come

into my front and back doors for Joy and Happiness .  Plus a Rose Quartz Angel on each for Universal Love.

In my bedroom. I have a gorgeous Amethyst Angel, plus Rose quartz for universal love and a string of Tigers Eye beads for physical love as it increases the sex drive! (Oh yes it does. )  I also wear these beads at times when going out, as they have a duel purpose and can help with confidence and promote clarity plus a whole lot more which

I won’t go into at this time.

My partner suffers from depression so he carries a piece of Topaz, plus has Lapis Lazuli by his side of the bed.

In my Kitchen - I have a large piece of Amber and Smokey quartz as I find everyone gravitates to this space whilst I cook, or we share the cooking duties and both of these crystals balance the body, mind and spirit and that is what you want after a long hard day.  I find everyone picks up these stones 

and holds them and strokes them and when they put them down again with a smile on their face I know they have done their job.  I then look at the crystals and mentally thank them.  They are so precious!

I could go on with what Crystals I have in my home, but I fear I would bore you, but one thing I can tell you is my home is STRESS FREE and I attribute that to having healing crystals around the home.  Heck even David Beckham and wife Victoria have become devotees of “healing crystals” since moving to California. The former England captain and his wife keep the colourful stones in their respective bathrooms at their 14-million-pounds Beverly Hills mansion knowing that they will improve their health and boost their energy levels!

So onto the answering the question that is always asked, “Where to buy Healing Crystals”

I have 2 places I like to buy my crystals, both places ship world wide have some THE BEST crystals I have every seen and these are offered at the best prices around. Crystal Age also has wonderful fossils.  I have bought several and these sit in my bathrooms, and look gorgeous.  A real talking point when I have visitors.  I cannot recommend these places enough.  You get Quality and Variety and Exceptional service from both.

So “Where to buy healing crystals


I wouldn’t buy else where, I have never been disappointed with my purchases and each crystal I have chosen and bought I know I was meant to have the moment I open the package.

Now back to you -

Is your home quiet, serene and relaxed a haven of peace and tranquillity or are you all argumentative and stressed out and suffer with

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