Michelle Moore’s New Book: C. Difficile Treatments and Remedies Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You

If you’re like a third of all C. diff. sufferers, then you know how discouraging it is to battle against ineffective treatments and recurring infections. It’s easy to lose hope when antibiotics fail, your infection keeps coming back and your doctor doesn’t know what else to try. Fortunately, there are new ways to treat C. diff. that most doctors are unaware of.

We look to our doctors to help us. And we expect modern medicine to have all the answers when we get sick. But C. difficile and other so-called “superbugs” are a growing challenge that mainstream medicine is often unable to solve. New antibiotics and cutting edge treatments sometimes help, but all too often the results are short-lived. Natural methods like probiotics can make a big difference, but many doctor are still in the dark about probiotics and other alternatives.

Many people eventually turn to alternative medicine for answers when mainstream medicine no longer helps. But searching for the right natural remedy can feel like grasping at straws, not knowing which remedies really work. And even if you find a helpful alternative, getting your doctor’s support can be a big challenge.

A better way to handle C. difficile

Treatments and remedies by themselves often are not enough to stop a stubborn bout of C. difficile. This is why mainstream medicine so often fails in the long run. People have achieved the best results by attacking their infection on multiple fronts. That means combining remedies and treatments along with diet changes, immune support and preventative measures at the same time. Knowing which methods to use and how to combine them safely and effectively into an overall strategy can be a daunting project for most people.

Author Michelle Moore had to take on such a project when she struggled with her own recurring infections for over 4 years. After a lot of research and trial and error she was able to combine her knowledge of natural medicine with her background as a microbiologist to formulate a better way to handle chronic bacterial infections. Her recent research into new C. diff. treatment strategies has led her to write her latest book C. Diff. Treatments & Remedies Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You.

Inside the book

  • Michelle Moore’s 3-Step Action Plan, a step-by-step guide for overcoming C. diff.
  • The most effective alternative remedies for C. diff. including detailed protocols for use.
  • Speed recovery and reduce the symptoms of C. diff. with new treatments and home remedies.
  • Important diet changes that slow C. diff. and speed recovery.
  • How to clean, disinfect and keep C. difficile bacteria out of your home.
  • Methods to kill C. diff. spores in your laundry and home.
  • How to reduce your risk of future C. difficile infections
  • Important facts about C. diff. that every infection sufferer should know.
  • Get better support from your doctor and more personalized healthcare.
  • When antibiotic may not be enough and the limitations of mainstream medicine.
  • Prevention strategies to protect family and friends from getting infected.
  • How to care for someone with a C. diff. infection.

Bonuses: Customers Only Area & e-Course

Michelle will personally guide you through her 3 Step Method and healing protocols through her email e-course. You’re also entitled to free and immediate access to her online Customer Only Area which will give you the following tools and support for your recovery:

  • How-to tutorials walking you through Michelle’s 3 Step method.
  • Audio interviews with health professionals about chronic infections, natural remedies, C. diff. related topics.
  • Michelle’s recommended natural remedies and products.
  • Naturopathic and professional network who have experience with infections.
  • Fast-start guides for using essential oils, powerful medicinal blends, and immune enhancing products.

After 4 years of struggling with recurring infections, Michelle uncovered 3 key steps that everybody with a chronic infection needs to take to recover and prevent recurring outbreaks. Recently Michelle has partnered with a leading herbalist to fine tune her 3 steps for stubborn C. difficile infections. Michelle has been 100% drug-free and infection-free for over 12 years and now she is making her healing steps and methods available to help others who suffer from debilitating infections.

Michelle’s 3 Steps to overcome C. diff.

Michelle’s C. diff. Treatments & Remedies book provides detailed instructions and alternative treatment plans to heal from C. diff. infections. The focus of Michelle’s 3 Steps is on using safe, effective and scientifically-proven remedies in addition to mainstream treatments like antibiotic drugs. For people who’s antibiotics have stopped working and who’s doctors have run out of ideas, Michelle’s 3 Steps could make the difference between life and death.

Here’s a quick look at Michelle’s three healing steps:

Kill infecting bacteria and their byproducts in the colon

The first step begins with powerful alternative remedies that can kill C. diff. bacteria without taxing the G.I. tract any more. The strongest remedies that are gentle on the digestive system are detailed, plus special protocols for removing C. diff. toxins and rebuilding intestinal health.

Repair damage that antibiotics and infections cause in your body


C. diff. prevention

The final step includes tools and protocols for killing C. diff. spores living in the home, something most disinfectants are unable to do. Key methods to control C. diff. in the laundry and on household surfaces are detailed. Important prevention tips and protocols for family members and caregivers are also covered, along with details about how to safely and effectively care for someone who has C. diff.

Feedback from customers

After the third day my symptoms were gone

“I want to let you know that I am doing very well. After the third day my symptoms were gone. After the first two weeks, my diet started going back to normal. I could eat more and my digestion was starting to feel back to normal.

I have now gained all of the weight that I lost back and am feeling so much better. Your methods did what doctors and hospitals were not able to do.

Thank you so much!”

I never ever expected all this information in one book

“I have learned so much about c-diff and possible treatments. I never ever expected all this information in one book…..it really is the answer to many prayers.

I have started the protocol, but I am going slowly. I am so grateful for Michelle, her book and all the work she and her team have done.”

Judy. Selma IN, USA

After 5 days all my symptoms stopped

“I just wanted to let you know that after starting the treatment that you outlined, after 5 days all my symptoms stopped and I’ve had no problem at all since then. That was July 30, 2014. I had several months prior to that with bowel incontinence which had become so bad I could almost leave my house for fear of having sudden unexpected diarrhea. It was a nightmare!

I am so happy that I found your book. I realized once I got back to normal that this had been going on for a few years, not just months. It just got progressively worse until I became almost unable to function normally.”

This book has been a lifesaver for me.

“I really was worried since doctors didn’t seem to be able to help me. I took so many antibiotics and I continued to get reoccurring infections. I started researching on the Internet and came across this book. No more tears and frustration. I feel more confident in conquering this than ever before. My immune system is strengthening and I feel good. The remedies and diet changes and many other things have changed my life and I owe it to this book.

This book has been a lifesaver for me. Thank you so much.”

Jamie. Chico TX, USA

I am enjoying great health…

“I cannot say enough good about your book and what it has done for us. As a result of all the information in your book we were able to immediately implement some changes…

I am enjoying great health, which was not the case 6 months ago, and not something I wish to experience ever again! Needless to say I am extremely grateful and indebted to your book and all the support that it has given me!”

Mark. Ellenbrook AUS

Get your life back today

You can be assured that when you follow Michelle’s 3 Step Action Plan, you are in good hands. Her natural healing methods have been praised by respected Naturopathic and Medical doctors and other medical professionals across the U.S. Implement Michelle’s three steps today and join the over 16,000 other people who have benefited from Michelle’s infection relief books and other resources.

Michelle’s new book is available below in both printed and electronic download format. Michelle’s support emails and exclusive customer-only resources will arrive via email.

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