Secret cancer cure found in Bible?

cancer cure found

Facebook page for The Bible's Healing Code Revealed

Brian Chambers’ book, The Bible ’s Healing Code Revealed. is being advertised online through the e-mail lists from The Washington Times and Christian Today. The advertisement claims that “atheists are speechless” and that the hidden secret to the cure for cancer can be found on page 859 of The King James Bible.

One obvious problem with this claim is that not all King James Bibles are exactly the same. Page numbers can be radically different depending on the publisher or the edition. This is why people cite chapter and verse and not page numbers like 859 when quoting the Bible.

Chambers calls his secret code the “Matthew 4 Protocol.” This at least gives a hint at what the secret might be. The fourth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew talks about Jesus fasting for forty days and forty nights. This seems to be at least the bulk of what he calls the Matthew 4 Protocol.

The book itself is not for sale. It is a free gift when people sign up for Dr. Mark Stengler’s $72 newsletter. Stengler is a fairly well known homeopathy practitioner based in California. When asked about the Matthew 4 Protocol on his Facebook page. he told Jim Cook of Irregular Times that, “The book is being promoted by my newsletter publisher” and that “No, I did not write the book. When you order the newsletter it is included in the package as part of the promotion.” Cook attempted to ask about the full extent of Stengler’s involvement with the book and the Matthew 4 Protocol since the promotional video

on the website heavily relies on Stengler’s name, image, and reputation. But Facebook comments were closed and all other inquiries have been ignored. This Examiner also sent e-mails to Stengler’s office inquiring about his involvement. No response was received.

As for the cure itself, according to the American Cancer Society :

“Available scientific evidence does not support claims that fasting is effective for preventing or treating cancer in humans, although this is now being more fully investigated. Even a short-term fast can have negative health effects for some people, while fasting for a longer time could cause serious health problems and even death. Dry fasts can cause death from dehydration fairly quickly.”

Not only does the Bible cure for cancer not work, it might actually cause harm just as faith healing causes harm .

Some people may point out that Chambers and Stengler are merely using religion to profit off religious believers and that religion itself isn't responsible for their dangerous misinformation. However, the only way to accurately evaluate any claim is through the scientific method. Using that method, we can test to see if a biblical cure for cancer actually works (and it doesn’t) and we can also test all the other biblical claims including the claim of God’s existence.

If we reject the scientific method when it comes to accurately evaluating religious claims, then we really have no way of accurately determining that Chambers’ cancer cure doesn’t actually work. Cenk Uygur from the online news show The Young Turks. put it best when he stated, “Once you escape the realm of logic, there are no bounds of reason anymore. literally.”

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