Carbuncle Treatment

Carbuncle treatment requires effective medication in order to remove chronic boils formations are actually deep rooted boils and are formed by aggregated furuncles. Furuncles develop due to occurrence of infection in the hair follicles or wounds on the skin surface. Unlike furuncles carbuncles cause unbearable pain and sometimes even cause fever. At first carbuncles are formed by multiple furuncles that grow close to one another. The furuncles then gradually grow in size and form a deep rooted infection called carbuncles. The carbuncles are generally of very large size and they can grow up to the size of about a golf ball.

Carbuncle treatments must be dealt with great care. Carbuncle boils generally form pus and charge them with blood before healing. This causes further spread of the infection as the pus that flows out of the boil surface is highly contagious. The pus contains white blood cells, protein compounds, bacteria and dead skin tissues. The skin gets infected with boils when it comes in contact with the bacteria carrying pus. There are a variety of remedies available for carbuncles treatments. The following are some carbuncle treatment steps that you can take up for getting rid of boil infection.

Carbuncle Treatment Methods

Carbuncles are skin infections that can be healed naturally with the aid of the immune system of the body. But many a times the carbuncles may become quite chronic in nature and external medication help will be required. The best possible method of carbuncle treatment is to by taking up proper hygienic steps that would help you to stay away from the formation of carbuncles.

The following are some steps that you may take up for treating carbuncles.
  • Put a warm and moistened cloth on the boil infection. You are required to put it on the boil for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat the method for 3 to 4 times a day. The heat applied on the boil actually draws the white blood cells towards the infection and fight against the bacteria causing boils.
  • Keep the infected area clean by using anti bacterial agents. To protect the boil from further incidence of infection you may cover the boil with loose gauze dressing until it would be healed.
  • Taking up some pain relieving medicines like acetaminophen. This will help you to overcome pain caused by boils, control the spread of infection and also to heal the boils.
  • If any individual is suffering from recurrent boils, you are required to wash the clothes and bed lines with hot water and antibacterial detergents. You must not allow your other family members having poor immune system and children to come close to the person suffering from it.
  • Generally, carbuncles take a week or two to heal. If you find that the carbuncles are taking great amount of time to heal immediate medical attention is required. Usually, doctors recommend patients to go for some bacterial culture. This helps the doctor to determine the type of bacteria that has attacked the person so that he can make out the ideal antibiotic that would be powerful enough to

    fight against it.

  • Even if you can not get rid of the boil, the doctor might ask you to go for a surgical operation. With the aid of a medicated needle the boil surface is lanced so that the pus can flow out. After the entire pus is flown out, the boil mouth is closed with antiseptic medicines in order to avoid further attack of the bacteria.
  • Make sure that whenever you are being attacked with boils; do not squeeze it to bring out the pus. This would further spread the infection. At times due to excessive squeezing the pus gets in contact with the lower layers of the skin and sometimes even gets in contact with the main blood stream. In case the pus comes in contact with the main blood stream, the pus containing bacteria is then carried to other organ systems. This causes the fatal disease called septicemia which ultimately leads to death if not properly treated.
  • Keep the boil area clean. Wipe the area with soft cotton dipped in antibacterial solution whenever the boil discharges pus.
  • Take hot bath daily in the morning. It would be ideal for you to use water from steady flowing shower than in a bath tub.
  • Wash your hands often. Especially after treating your boil infection. Make sure of washing your hands with antibacterial soaps before cooking or having food. The pus must not come in contact with food items as this would contaminate the food and lead to food poisoning.
Recurrent formations and carbuncles are often caused due to weak immune system. Poor health or suffering from immune damaging diseases like diabetes and HIV positive may lead to the development of boils repeatedly. Proper treatment of the internal disorder would help to get rid of the boils effectively.

Though carbuncles are very severe in form, they respond well if treated with home made remedies. The following are some home made remedies that you may try out in order to eradicate boils efficiently.

Home Made Ointments for Carbuncle Treatment
  • Neem or margosa is known for having medicinal properties in ayurvedic medicine. Neem is very effective in healing boils. You may grind the bark of the need and make a paste by adding water. Apply the paste on the boil surface for carbuncle treatment.
  • Be careful about the diet that you are eating. Avoid having sour and fatty food items. Rather go for leafy green vegetables and nutritious food that would help you to maintain a good digestive system and as well as the bowels clean.
  • Onion and garlic paste is also effective in eradicating boils. They help to develop the head of the boils in order to allow the pus to flow out. The wound also dries up fast.
Carbuncles are chronic forms of boils and they often leave dark scars and sometimes even pit like formations on the skin surface. You must take extra precaution for carbuncle treatment if the boils happened to have developed on the facial skin.

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