Addiction therapy

addiction therapy

This is where you can find any information you may need pertaining to substance abuse. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, you can use this website to help locate a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. This site can help get you or a loved one on the path toward recovery by pointing you toward your best substance abuse treatment center.

There are hundreds of different treatment programs and drug and alcohol rehab centers across the country. It can be difficult to figure out which treatment center would be the best one. And, actually, the answer may be different for different people.

First of all, some centers are specifically designed as alcohol treatment programs. While some of these centers may accept individuals with drug addictions, they may not be as successful in treating that type of addiction. Likewise, the reverse is true for programs specifically designed for drug rehabilitation. In fact, many of the centers that have specially designed programs may not even accept people who suffer from different addictions.

Aside from this factor, though, there is another very important factor to keep in mind when choosing a substance abuse treatment center. You need to look at the type of addiction therapy that is offered at the center.

Some drug and alcohol treatment centers are more accurately described as detox programs or detox centers. These are places that allow addicts to safely stop taking their drugs of choice or to stop drinking, while carefully monitoring and helping with any withdrawal symptoms.

These detox centers sometimes do not offer much in the way of therapy—the main purpose of these places is to let the addicts “dry out” and become sober safely. This type of center may be covered by insurance because it may be cheaper; however, it is not usually as helpful for the addict because it does not offer treatment for the addiction-causing behavior.

It is usually best to look for addiction treatment programs that include both detox and behavior therapy. Therapy programs may take the form of individual therapy or group therapy (or both). By going to therapy, an addict addresses what has caused his addiction and what triggers him to do the drugs or drink. He learns to try to avoid trigger situations and how to cope with trigger situations that he cannot avoid. For example, maybe an addict has always used crystal meth at a certain nightclub or with a particular friend. Behavior therapy would teach him that it is in his best interest if he wants to remain sober to quit going to that nightclub and to stay away from that particular friend. As for an unavoidable trigger situation, perhaps that same addict always felt the need to get high before a large family dinner. He obviously cannot avoid all large family dinners forever; instead, maybe he can bring a friend along for support and decide to stay at the dinner for only a short time.

Therapy has been proven to really help people recover from their drug and alcohol addictions. It is one of the best treatment methods available.

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