Chelation therapy side effects

chelation therapy side effects

Chelation Therapy Side Effects Are Non-existent

Chelation Therapy Side effects have changed radically since the 40’s and 50’s when they were still experimenting with dosages and protocol. In the early fifties there were some deaths reported by people who were given chelation therapy treatments containing 10 grams of EDTA. at very high infusions rates of under two hours. Kidney toxicity is related to the dosage size and the speed of infusion and for the last 60 years the dosages of IV Chelation is 2.5 grams to 3 grams per dose and about four hour infusion times. And since the 50’s no reported deaths have occurred and research shows that when properly administered the chelation therapy actually improves kidney function, especially when the kidney is impaired before the treatments start. Beside that, most if not all IV practitioners give kidney tests before starting treatments to check the exact kidney function.

Chelation therapy side effects are proportional to the infusion speed. When EDTA is given to quickly it can cause problems and that is why practitioners now maintain a treatment of 3.5 to 4 hours in length. This time period has proven to be safe and without problems.

Another chelation therapy side effect although rare is that sometimes people who are elderly or have sensitive skin and veins can have difficulties with pain at the infusion site and this is solved by slowing the infusion drip down further. I personally have taken nearly 100 fusions over the years and have had no trouble and even further have seen only minimal problems arise in all the clinics I have visited.

Another chelation therapy side effect, although very

minor, is there can be pain at the needle site when the needle is first inserted. This is caused by pain sensitivity and the skill of the person inserting the needle. My experience of doing well over 50 IV treatments shows me the people doing this are for the most part highly skilled and are very concerned about their patients. Therefore they are very careful and they to are very sensitive to the patients wishes. The tiny amount of needle stick pain is well worth the benefits.

EDTA is also known to reduce certain minerals from the body during the infusion. This chelation therapy side effect is easily handled by taking a very good vitamin and mineral formula each day when undergoing chelation treatments. There is one other side effect that is very minor but I have experienced it myself as have some of the people who buy and use my Oral EDTA regimen. Oral EDTA seems to cause loose stools in doses over 6 grams per day. When this happens simply reduce the dosage to the level that you are comfortable with.

When administered by an experienced therapis t at the proper doses, there appear to be no chelation therapy side effects and is considered very safe. A very large study, which had been monitored by the friends and foes of chelation therapy, found that EDTA administered in the proper dosage was no more toxic than a placebo. American College for the Advancement in Medicine ( estimates that over 500,000 patients have undergone chelation therapy safely nationwide using ACAM protocol. Many MD’s, D.O.’s and other medical practitioners give IV chelation therapy with only the minor side effects listed above.

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