Chi gong healing

chi gong healing


For almost half a century, Master Zhou has been successfully diagnosing and treating disease with his powerful Qi Gong skills and techniques, as a Medical Intuitive. He specializes in diagnosing and treating "undiagnosable" or mystery illnesses, and is known as "The Healer's Healer." His traditional Medical Qi Gong treatment, which differs from Western medical therapy, is non-invasive (no injections, no surgery) and uses neither instruments, medications, nor drugs.

Master Zhou's Qi Gong therapy combines Chinese massage, pressure on the body's acupuncture points with the power of Qi, and the simple radiating of Qi--which is usually felt as heat--without him actually touching the body. Combining these methods effectively, Master Zhou treats patients holistically and is known for producing tangible therapeutic benefits. His treatments are restorative, rejuventating, invigorating, illuminating, deeply healing and highly energizing.

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A sample of symptoms and conditions treated:

--Brain, nerve, neurological or other chronic pain or damage

--Chronic injuries and/or illness, including speeding up recovery and healing after surgery and/or injury

--Eyes, ears, nose, throat and lungs/respiratory organs

--Heart, blood and blood vessels

--Skin, bone, joint or injury-related illness or disorders

--Liver, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen

--Tumors, cysts and other growths

--Immunological conditions

--Stomach, digestive tract and intestinal tract functions

--Fatigue, weakness, low energy

--Emotional challenges, including PTSD, ADD/ADHD, Panic/Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, etc.

--Lymphatic and glandular system

--Inflammatory conditions, including arthritis

--Endocrine/hormone issues, metabolism disorders


--Gender-specific issues, including male and female sexual imbalances such as infertility, impotence, prostate and gynecological issues, including recovery from pregancy loss or miscarriage

-- Healing practitioners and/or spiritual aspirants may also ask for assistance with activating, deepening or expanding their skills, abilities, and experience, as part of their treatments

--And much more.

*For those with chronic conditions, injuries or complex, ongoing symptoms--more than one treatment is suggested.

In our experience, it is recommended that if you are working with a chronic or complex condition or injury, booking a series of minimum 3 consecutive treatments is the most effective method to creating a lasting shift and/or improvement in your current health, based upon the way the Qi/energy from his treatments works within the body. If needed, Master Zhou will consult with you during your appointment regarding this, if you inquire. He will also tell you if fewer treatments are needed, based on your inquiry.

If you have been treated by Master Zhou before and know that you would like or will need a series of treatments, it is highly recommended that you book them all at once, in advance--or you may miss out, due to his full schedule. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive a treatment from a true master.

All of Master Zhou's healing treatments are payable by cash or check only, non-negotiable. Healing treatments and/or Martial Arts classes are NOT available on a donation, pay-what-you-can, exchange or

volunteer basis.

*Disclaimer: Individual results from treatments may vary. Master Zhou makes no promises or guarantees that any or all diseases and/or afflictions will be completely healed or cured by his treatments. All treatments are non-refundable.


Master Zhou provides Medical Qi Gong healing treatments and Martial Arts training in the El Monte neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, USA, where he has established the Tian-Jue Qi Gong Non-Profit Foundation & School. Individual Qi Gong healing treatments and private Qi Gong and martial arts training/classes are available seven days per week, by appointment.

To book a Healing Treatment with Master Zhou in Los Angeles. please call (310) 478-1798. Let the office know if you are a "new patient" or "old patient" (have seen him previously) and/or would like a 40 minute or 1 hour treatment. (Including whether you would like to study Qi Gong or any other forms with him.)

Tian-Jue Qi Gong Foundation & School

4528 Cogswell Rd.

El Monte, CA 91732

310 478 1798

For international or out-of-town students who wish to have a series of treatments, apprentice long term or study several consecutive forms with Master Zhou, customized private class schedules and student housing is available at the school. If interested, please inquire and arrange at 310 478 1798 or email Please use this email for international scheduling or long-term studies, only. All other inquiries and treatment scheduling must go through the office number. Emails for single healing appointment requests will NOT be answered. We do not schedule single treatments through email.


Let Master Zhou know if there is anything specific you would like him to focus on, as the treatment begins. As per Chinese tradition, Master Zhou will not offer unsolicited guidance or information--if you have specific questions, you must ask them and he will answer.

During periods of the treatment, you may experience moments of intense heat in specific, isolated areas, as Master Zhou transfers Qi from his hands into your body, in order to activate, open, cleanse, clear, release, re-energize, recharge, heal or shift stagnant areas. It is safe, and your skin is protected. The heat you are feeling is generated through the potent amount of Qi, life-force energy, he is emitting, which transmutes into heat that he can control at will. The Qi enters your body through the heat. It is not a heating pad, hot stones, nor is it a chemical solution of any sort. This has been verified through extensive scientific testing of Master Zhou's method over the past several decades. You can witness some of this documentation of his "Hands of Heat" on The History Channel's "Stan Lee's Superhumans," as well as "Ripley's Believe it Or Not" and "That's Incredible."

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Check out this amazing video, which display some of Master Zhou's incredible skills, including personal testimonials about his healing treatments, from adults to children!

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