Chlamydia treatment for men

chlamydia treatment for men

Chlamydia Treatment

You can 'get' chlamydia, so it is infectious; but you can also 'get rid' of chlamydia entirely, so it is no longer in your system; it is treatable and curable. If it has done damage by progressing along without treatment, any actual physical damage will remain after the disease is gone, but the symptoms and infectiousness will disappear after successful treatment.

The chlamydia treatment of choice in the modern world is oral antibiotics. Your doctor will prescribe the kind of antibiotics for you, along with telling you the dosage and schedule to take these pills. This treatment does not work immediately, it works over a period of time as the antibiotics build up in your body and kill the infection in increments.

Some of the common drugs, along with a well-known brand name for them, are: ofloxacin (example brand name: Floxin); doxycycline (example brand name: Vibramycin); and azithromycin (example brand

name: Zithromax). Also used are the common tetracyclin, and erthyromicin. Penicillin, used in treatment and cure of many other (but not all) STD's, is not effective for chlamydia. Each drug has different qualities and your doctor will have to decide which one/s best suit your case.

While you are on this treatment schedule, protected sex using a latex condom properly is fine; if you have unprotected sex while undergoing the treatment, it is possible to reinfect your partner and have the symptoms start strongly all over again, so it's important to not have unprotected sex until both you and your partner have completed the treatment. It's also important to complete the drug treatment and not stop just because any symptoms may have disappeared; once you've finished the treatment program, it's advisable to have one more follow-up check by your doctor.

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