The Side Effects of Statin Drugs And Other Cholesterol Medication Side Effects

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Any prescription medication will have side effects. Most of these are not good. The reasoning of why we put up with these side effects is that it is better to deal with them than the condition which the medication treats. The problem with that is that often medications are prescribed to deal with the side effects and the vicious cycle may never end.

Most of the popular drugs used to treat high cholesterol are in a class of drugs known as statins. These include popular brands such as Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, and Pravachol. Common side effects are nausea and more severe side effects are muscle soreness that is a result of kidney malfunction. It is important to know and understand the risks of taking any prescription medication and how they interact with other drugs.

Read the following articles to know Cholesterol Medication Side Effects:

Are You In the Dark About Lower Cholesterol?

A common drug used to lower cholesterol may have you in the dark both figuratively and literally. Zocor, (generic name, Simvastatin) is often prescribed to lower cholesterol, but has the side effect of making skin highly sensitive to sun light exposure.

Rhabdomyolysis: A Serious Side-Effect of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

Your cholesterol reducing drugs may be causing more than mere muscle pain and soreness. The most popular class of cholesterol lowering drugs, known as statin drugs, come with the explicit warning to report any muscle pain or sore muscles to your doctor immediately.

Can Drugs to Lower Cholesterol Ward Off Alzheimer's?

There has been some news and much controversy lately about the effectiveness of cholesterol lowering drugs in also delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Using Lovastatin to Lower Cholesterol Could Lead to Dangerous Side Effects

atorvastatin. It is one of the top cholesterol lowering drugs on the market, but it may not come without the risk of serious side effects.

Vytorin Combines Two Drugs to Lower Cholesterol

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking at new ways to combine drugs to lower cholesterol. One such result is the drug Vytorin which combines ezetimbe (brand name Zetia) with the statin drug, simvastatin (brand name Zocor).

Raising HDL Cholesterol with Torcetrapib May Also Raise Blood Pressure

Drug manufacturers are currently looking at the entire lower cholesterol picture as a new way to promote good heart health.

Using Fibrates to Lower Cholesterol Means Life Long Medication

Fibric acid derivatives also called fibrates are a class of drugs used in lowering overall cholesterol by targeting triglyceride problems and raising the good cholesterol or High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood.

Vanachol: Mega Vitamin Formula to Lower Cholesterol

The drug known as Vanachol is actually DHA/EPA/Policosanol/Vitamin B-12/Folic Acid/Vitamin B6. It is a long name for a drug long on serious side effects even as it is used to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Asians Beware: Crestor Carries Greater Risk in Lowering Cholesterol

Asians using Crestor to lower cholesterol need to be aware of the added dangers of side effects.

Lopid Used to Lower Cholesterol by Raising HDL

Lower cholesterol can be approached in different ways. One way is to raise the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol.

Prevalite Lowers Cholesterol but Raises Triglycerides

A popular drug used to lower cholesterol, Prevalite, is effective, but has many side effects including raising trigylceride levels.

CETP Inhibitors Raise Good Cholesterol and Lower Cholesterol Overall

There are two ways to lower cholesterol levels. One is to reduce the amount of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), which is produced by the liver.

Weighing the Risks of Statins to Lower Cholesterol

Statin drugs used to lower cholesterol are among the most effective drugs, but also carry some of the most serious side effects.

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs is Big Business

Drugs sales to lower cholesterol in the United States account for the number one type of drug sold. In 2002, lipid lowering drugs, which are the kind used to lower cholesterol, totaled $12.5 billion in U.S. sales.

Cholesterol Lowering Drug Crestor Rates Highest on Side Effects

A recent study on the side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs determined that Crestor, generic name, rosuvastatin, rated higher than any other drug used to lower cholesterol on the market today.

“Grapefruit Affect” is a Dangerous Side Effect for Cholesterol Drug Users

Lower cholesterol with certain drugs and you could be setting yourself up for some serious side effects.

CoQ10 Deficiencies Result from Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drugs

If you lower cholesterol using one of the drugs known as statin drugs, then you are also depleting your body of the essential nutrient CoQ10.

Drugs that Sabotage Your Efforts to Lower Cholesterol

If you take prescriptions of any kind there is a good chance one of them may be interfering with your best efforts to lower cholesterol.

Effectiveness of Statin Drugs to Lower Cholesterol Varies Widely

Canadian Drug Probucol Used to Lower Cholesterol

Drug manufacturers around the world are always looking for the best medication to help lower cholesterol. In Canada, those with high cholesterol levels are often prescribed Probucol.

An enzyme, paraoxonase or PON1, has been found to help the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in lowering cholesterol overall.

Lipitor Information

Lower cholesterol is achievable with a drug called Lipitor, generically known as atorvastatin. It is one of the top cholesterol lowering drugs on the market, but it may not come without the risk of serious side effects.

Side Effects of Pravachol Medication

You can significantly lower cholesterol with the use of a certain type of prescription drug called statin drugs and suffer with the side effects. Or you can choose a natural means where the only side effect is better health.

Lescol Side Effects

Lescol, a drug often prescribed for lowering cholesterol, is frequently accompanied by nasal inflammation, sore throat and even upper respiratory infection.

Bezafibrate is an effective cholesterol lowering drug that is sold under several brand names. It is primarily used to lower triglycerides, which when high is referred to as hyperlipidemia, and raise the good kind of cholesterol

When trying for lowering cholesterol it shouldn’t take another drug to treat the side effects caused by the first one! That is exactly what could happen if you take Mevacor (generic name Lovastatin) to lower cholesterol.

Cholestyramine and Questran Side Effects

You can reduce cholesterol with a drug marketed as Questran (cholestyramine), but it may require combining it with other drugs, doubling the medication you need to do the job, in order to get the greatest benefits.

When Colestipol is used to Reduce Cholesterol…

It is extremely important to reduce cholesterol in order to prevent diseases of the arteries and heart. However, some common cholesterol reducing drugs can actually cause harmful vitamin deficiencies when used over time.

Caduet takes two types of drugs and combines them to both reduce the production of cholesterol by the liver and to widen blood vessels that can become narrow from the waxy build up of excess cholesterol.

Increasing Awareness of Side Effects of the Cholesterol Reducing Drugs

Statin drugs to reduce cholesterol are claimed by the drug industry to be the one of the most effective treatments of high cholesterol.

Prescription Drugs that Cause Liver Damage

Cholesterol reducing drugs in high doses have been shown in study after study to reduce cholesterol effectively and reduce the risk of heart attack.

Information About Cholesterol Reducing Drug, Atromid-S

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