Class iv laser therapy

class iv laser therapy


As far as we know, Thrive Health Systems is the only clinic to offer Colorado Springs Class IV laser therapy (or Class 4 laser therapy ).

We use our Class IV laser therapy for the treatment of back pain, neck pain, joint pain, knees, elbows, shoulders, foot pain, hamstrings, carpal tunnel and other ailments.

The laser decreases inflammation in the tissues and increases the healing process.

"My pain was severe and debilitating. After one treatment with the laser I felt like I could join in a dance party!" said patient, Jennifer W. "My kids were in shock at the change. They even said, 'Mom, it's like night and day.'"

Class IV laser therapy is used by several professional and collegiate sports teams, including the Florida Gators football team. Click on the link to view the Gator's athletic trainers talking about their results.

Tony, a separated Army special operator, had a similar experience. Tony came in for the treatment of knee pain, in both knees. "My pain was a 8 or 9 when I first came in [out of 10]." After 5 visits Tony said his pain had dropped, "It is now at a 2 out of 10, and I worked out 3 hours at the gym yesterday and even ran two miles."

How much does class 4 laser therapy cost?

Class IV lasers are expensive to purchase. The machines can cost up to $40,000 depending on the make, model, size of the head, and wattage (power).

Despite Class IV lasers FDA clearance, only some insurance companies reimburse for the service, so it is often a cash service.

We offer two free sessions so that you can experience the benefit for yourself, at no obligation. It also allows the practitioner to determine a recommended treatment plan (frequency, number of visits, power, type of head, etc.), based on how your respond. For this reason, prices can range dramatically, from $30 to thousands, depending on the injury and the patient.

We can then break up the cost of the treatment into a payment schedule, or the patient can pay-per-visit.

After your second free treatment, out billing specialist will discuss all of this with you.

What is the Class IV Laser Therapy Treatment Like?

Depending on the injury, the laser treatment takes 10-15

minutes. The technician (and sometimes the patient, depending on if the patient's eyes are exposed) wear special laser glasses provided by the manufacturer to protect the eyes from laser light.

The laser beam feels slightly warm on the skin. The laser has 4 different heads that can be used on the injured area, include glass massage ball heads that can be used on muscle tissue.

The technician moves the head of the laser around the injured area approximately 1 inch per second to limit the heat from the laser. Class IV laser can burn due to the amount of watts the laser uses. That is why the tech keeps the laser moving.

Most people feel like they just received a warm massage after treatment. Sometimes, the benefit is instantaneous, and other times, it is not until the next day.

how to schedule an appointment

Simply call Thrive Health Systems for your free two treatments (at no obligation) at 719.475.8676. If you are looking for Colorado Springs Class IV laser therapy, our two free treatment offer make it as easy as it gets. Call today, to see how Class IV laser therapy can benefit you.

Technical information regarding class Iv laser therapy

Class IV is a designation given to the laser and it is the most powerful laser used in medicine and commercial use. The difference in Class IV lasers comes down to frequency and power.

The Class IV Laser is manufactured by LiteCure and is FDA 510(k)-cleared as "for emitting energy in the infrared spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, muscle spasm, pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and promoting relaxation of the muscle tissue and to temporarily increase local blood circulation."

"My pain was an 8 or 9 when I first came in [out of 10]. It is now at a 2 out of 10, and I worked out 3 hours at the gym yesterday and even ran two miles."

(This was after 5 treatments)

- Tony

Our Colorado Springs Class 4 laser therapy is effective enough to treat the Florida Gators National Championship football team, as well as their baseball, volleyball and track and field teams. Don't you think it is effective enough to treat you too? Call 719.475.8676 for two FREE trial treatments at no obligation.

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