Top Colleges That Offer Physical Therapy Courses

Physical Therapy Courses

Are you looking for colleges that offer physical therapy courses?

Today, the demands for skilled physical therapists are on the upward surge. Physical therapy, popularly known as physiotherapy, is increasingly used in combination with allopathic treatment procedures to treat various ailments of patients. More and more students are opting for a career in physiotherapy, particularly due to the pay scale and psychologically rewarding nature of the job. Courses in Physical Therapy have been offered by several reputed universities lately.

Among them, we have compiled this list of 10 colleges that offer physical therapy courses.

10. Northwestern University

Northwestern University’s Department of Physical Therapy and Human Sciences is one of the oldest and most reputed institutions in the country in the field of physical therapy. The department offers several courses in physical therapy, even to the Ph.D level of education. It also offers special continuing education programs for practicing physical therapists.

Physical Therapy Courses

9. Emory University

8. University of Utah

7. Arcadia University

6. Marquette University

5. University of Delaware

Newark, Delaware

The University of Delaware’s physical therapy department offers education to students by employing practical community participation based approach, through its own clinics. Affordable fees, accessible location and a highly experienced faculty put this university’s physical therapy department

in this list. The university offers an entry level Doctor of Physical Therapy, as well as, a PhD level course.

4. University of Iowa

Iowa city, Iowa

The university’s Carver College of Medicine is one of the most renowned educational institutions in the country for education in health sciences. This reputation is well reflected in its physical therapy course as well. The college imparts one of the most up to date and advanced knowledge in physical therapy for its students.

3. University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) operating under University of Pittsburgh is considered to be one of the most prestigious colleges that offer physical therapy courses. The college offers one of the most complete and up-to-date education in physical therapy, through years of research and experience in the field of health education.

2. Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri

Boasting one of the most experienced and reputed faculty members in the field of physical therapy, the university is well regarded as one of the most prestigious institution in health education. The college offers one of the most complete academic, clinical and research experiences to its students. The university offers a DPT, MS and PhD program in physical education.

1. University of Southern California

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