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cure epilepsy

Hope you can tune in!

The last two years, my husband David has been writing his first book. It’s really his memoirs—-going all the way back to age five.

I had no idea what a challenging undertaking this would be.  The self-discipline required is daunting–believe me, we had many doubts along the way about whether he would ever complete it!  I am sure many, if not most, authors have shared that feeling.

The process involved the retrieval of many long ago memories, a willingness and ability to reflect and interweave personal and professional experiences and journeys, and the recounting of so many individuals who touched and influenced his life, his decisions, the course of his career and our family’s lives. If I can be allowed to brag for a moment more, it was truly a monumental feat!

The CBS Sunday Morning is one of my long-time favorite programs, and it is truly an honor that they chose to interview David and me for a segment this coming Sunday, February 8th.

Hope you can tune in, or set your DVRs.  David will also be making a number of appearances next week on February 10th when the official launch of Believer takes place.


December 19, 2014 1 comment

CURE’s research efforts continue to spread well beyond our borders, as illustrated by the awards we have just announced for the second cycle of 2014 and the first of 2015 – grants that support research not just in the US, but also in the UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Israel and Canada.

CURE grants now reflect work taking place in 13 different countries outside the US, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the breadth of our reach, and the impact of our research. Thanks to so many of you, we continue to expand our reach and our impact globally.

Each year the quality of the science improves. The competition for CURE Awards gets stiffer and stiffer. Selecting the grants to fund becomes more and more challenging.

One of the hardest things we do at CURE is to inform grant applicants that we are unable to fund their projects. It pains us, because we know that there is never a straight, predictable path to finding cures—we know that answers may even lie in

those projects we can’t support. We do the very best we can to select the most promising research, guided by the expertise of our external scientific reviewers, our internal science team, our Scientific Advisory Council and some magnificent lay reviewers who help ensure that the work we fund is patient-centered and cure-focused.

We hope it is clear how conscientious we are in stewarding your investments in this cause. Without you, none of this critically important work would happen, so you should join us in our pride of the impact we are having. We honor your support and count on your continued trust in our steadfast mission, and in our commitment to supporting the epilepsy research that can truly transform and save lives.

CURE is now the largest private funder of epilepsy research in the world. We owe that to you and our growing community of supporters. But we still have to leave so much hope out there–so many meritorious research projects without funding–simply because we do not have the dollars needed to support them.

This season, please consider continuing and growing your support of CURE, because this is a doubly meaningful time to donate—a treasured member of our Board of Directors will match every dollar donated through December 31 st. up to $250,000 !

Scientific research is an expensive endeavor. We can’t pretend otherwise. And epilepsy is a particularly complex disease, with a myriad of causes, complexities and solutions. But we continue to make an enormous difference, and it is due to you and a growing community of supporters and believers that we are able to do so.

Your involvement keeps hope alive— hope for those of us who are personally touched by epilepsy that answers will be found; and hope for the scientists and clinicians who have chosen to focus in this area, that we are committed to growing our support for their efforts.

This time of year, as always, we pause to appreciate and celebrate all of you and our collective ability to transform and save lives. As our new mission statement affirms, our commitment is unrelenting. Our dedicated staff. our Board of Directors and our family of volunteers join me in thanking you for caring, and for sharing our belief in the extraordinary power of research.

We send you all our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

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