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“Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome”

HIV (human immunological disorder virus) infection has currently unfold to each country within the world. Statistics show that close to forty million individuals square measure presently living with HIV infection, Associate in Nursingd an calculable twenty five million have died from this illness. The scourge of HIV has been notably devastating in geographic region and African country, however infection rates in different countries stay high. within the u.  s. close to one million individuals square measure presently infected. Here square measure a number of key points regarding the illness

Globally, eighty fifth of HIV transmission is thru heterosexual intercourse.

within the u.  s. close to simple fraction of recent diagnoses seem to be associated with heterosexual transmission. Male-to-male sexual contact still accounts for quite 1/2 new diagnoses within the U.S. iv drug contributes to the remaining cases. as a result of the diagnosing could occur years when infection, it’s seemingly that the next proportion of recent infections square measure attributable to heterosexual transmission.

Infections in girls square measure increasing. Worldwide, forty second of individuals with HIV square measure girls. within the u.  s. close to twenty fifth of recent diagnoses square measure in girls, and therefore the proportion is rising.

there’s excellent news on one front. New HIV infections in U.S. kids have fallen dramatically. this can be for the most part a results of testing and treating infected mothers, still as establishing uniform testing pointers for blood merchandise.

Many people with HIV don’t understand they’re infected. within the u.  s. it’s seemingly that 2 hundredth of HIV-positive people square measure unaware of their infection.

many of us don’t develop symptoms when they initial get infected with HIV. Others have a history of a flu-like malady at intervals many days to weeks when exposure to the virus. Early HIV symptoms conjointly embody fever, headache, tiredness, and enlarged body fluid nodes within the neck. These symptoms typically disappear on their own at intervals a number of weeks. After that, the person feels traditional and has no symptoms. This symptomless section typically lasts for years.

AIDS is that the later stage of HIV infection, once the body begins losing its ability to fight infections. Once the T lymphocyte count falls low enough, Associate in Nursing infected person is claimed to possess AIDS. Sometimes, the diagnosing of AIDS is created as a result of the person has uncommon infections or cancers that show however weak the system is.

The infections that happen with AIDS square measure referred to as opportunist infections as a result of they benefit of the chance to infect a weakened host. The infections embody (but don’t seem to be restricted to)

respiratory disorder caused by Pneumocystis, that causes wheezing;

brain operate with infection which might cause bother thinking or symptoms that mimic a stroke;

widespread infection with a microorganism referred to as mack which might cause fever and weight loss;

yeast infection of the swallowing tube (esophagus) that causes pain with swallowing;

widespread diseases

with bound fungi like histoplasmosis, which might cause fever, coug, anemia, and different issues.

A weakened system may also result in different uncommon conditions:

malignant neoplastic disease in (a variety of cancer of the body fluid tissue) within the brain, which might cause fever and bother thinking;

a cancer of the soft tissues referred to as kaposi cancer, that causes brown, reddish, or purple spots that develop on the skin or within the mouth.

individuals with AIDS have Associate in Nursing raised risk of developing varied infectious agent induced  cancers including: kaposi cancer, burkitts, primary centre malignant neoplastic disease, and  Kaposi’s cancer is that the most typical cancer occurring in ten to twenty of individuals with HIV. The second most typical cancer is malignant neoplastic disease that is that the explanation for death of nearly Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire of individuals with AIDS and is that the initial sign of AIDS in three to 4 wheel drive. each these cancers square measure related to human herpes Cervical cancer happens additional oft in those with AIDS attributable to its association with human nonmalignant tumor virus (HPV).

to boot, they often have general symptoms like prolonged fevers, sweats (particularly at night), swollen body fluid nodes, chills, weakness, and weight loss looseness of the bowels is another common symptom gift in regarding ninetieth of individuals with AIDS.


don’t share needles or inject illicit medication.

If you’re employed in a very health-care field, follow counseled pointers for shielding yourself against needle sticks and exposure to contaminated fluids.

If you’ve got engaged in risky behaviors, get tested to ascertain if you’ve got HIV.

the danger of HIV transmission from a pregnant lady to her baby is considerably reduced if the mother takes medications throughout physiological condition, labor, and delivery and her baby takes medications for the primary six weeks of life. Even shorter courses of treatment square measure effective, although not as optimum. The secret’s to induce tested for HIV as early as doable in physiological condition. In consultation with their MD, many ladies choose to avoid brestfeeding to attenuate the danger of transmission when the baby is born.

Abstain from sex. This clearly has restricted attractiveness, however it completely protects against HIV transmission by this route.

sleep with with one partner United Nations agency is antiseptic. Mutual union between antiseptic partners eliminates the danger of sexual transmission of HIV.

Use a prophylactic device in different things. Condoms provide some protection if used properly and systematically. often, they will break or leak. solely condoms manufactured from latex ought to be used. solely water-based lubricants ought to be used with latex condoms.

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