Natural Remedies For Emphysema – Home Treatment For Emphysema

Natural Remedies For Emphysema

Here are several natural remedies for emphysema. Also find out what is emphysema, symptoms of emphysema and the causes of emphysema.

Emphysema is a medical term used to describe a lung condition in which the alveoli at the end of the bronchiole are damaged. Alveoli are air sacs where gas exchange happens. They are elastic and stretch when you breathe in and breathe out. After you inhale, your air sacs are filled with oxygen molecules.

Carbon dioxide molecules in the blood capillaries will pass freely into the alveoli. Oxygen molecules are then released and attach themselves to the red blood cells and are transported throughout the body. When you exhale the carbon dioxide in the alveoli will be released.

The leading causes of emphysema are the toxic chemicals from smoking cigarettes. They damage the tissues and cells, cause inflammation, swell and may rupture. When several adjoining alveoli come apart, they form together into a large space.

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Some other factors that may also lead to emphysema, which is a progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, are inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tube or bronchitis, a person’s working condition where there are chemical fumes, old age and inhaling passive smoke. Smoking plus a deficiency of a type of protein

called Alpha-1 antitrypsin or AAT increases a person’s risk of emphysema.

When the air sacs or alveoli are damaged, they lose their elasticity. Air is trapped inside. You will find difficulty in

expanding and contracting your lungs with inhalation and exhalation. The intake of oxygen molecules is reduced and so is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

This brings about the common symptoms of emphysema like shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, wheezing and getting tired easily. A person who has chronic emphysema may also experience yellow or greenish phlegm, chronic coughing, chronic fatigue and may require oxygen therapy.

You must see a doctor if you suspect that you have emphysema. A doctor will be able to confirm it and also suggest treatments. The medical treatment depends on the type of emphysema and the stage. Emphysema treatments may include inhaling steroids, gastroesophageal reflux disease treatment, oxygen therapy, a pulmonary rehabilitation

program, antibiotics, inoculations against influenza and pneumonia, surgery or transplant.

Regardless of which treatment you are getting, self care and self treatment is very helpful. So here are several natural remedies for emphysema.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke, you must give it up and quit. To help you reduce your cravings for nicotine and to overcome

smoking withdrawal symptoms, take niacin or nicotinic acid and 5-Hydroxytryptophan or 5-HTP. Niacin will help replace the nicotine depletion from your brain. 5-HTP is an amino acid which is converted to a brain chemical called serotonin. Serotonin will help you overcome your mood swings and the inability to sleep which are two of the withdrawal symptoms of smoking.

Another thing you can do is buy a few organic herbal licorice root sticks and suck on them when you feel like smoking. In addition, add a licorice supplement to your diet. Quitting smoking can cause adrenal fatigue which shows up as body aches, digestive problems, fatigue, nervousness and sleep disturbances. The compounds in licorice can help stimulate the adrenal hormones and soothe your withdrawal problems.

Natural Remedies For Emphysema – Mullein Herb

Mullein or verbascum thapsus produces and expectorant effect and has antibiotic properties. It helps expel mucus and phlegm from your lungs, bronchi and trachea. This herb also helps reduce and soothe inflammation and pain as well as repair cells. Mullein has been used in treating emphysema and other respiratory problems such as asthma and whooping cough.

You can drink mullein tea or buy the dried herb and make your own tea as one of your natural remedies for emphysema. You can also try boiling mullein, hyssop and lobelia powder together and drink the mixture to treat the symptoms of this lung disorder.

Try Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

This is one of the natural remedies for emphysema that a guy by the name of Bill Munro used. He was 83 when he distributed his video on YouTube in 2007 to demonstrate how he used food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Get a nasal spray pump. Sterilize the bottle with hot water. Fill it with 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Bill doesn’t dilute it with water but you may want to. Open your mouth and point the bottle directly at your throat. Pump the spray 6 times.

Cayenne Pepper and Garlic

Include cayenne pepper and garlic in your diet. Or you can buy the capsules and take them as supplements. These herbs may help break up your mucus and prevent more buildup of phlegm and might be an effective natural remedy for emphysema. Cayenne pepper has been used as a natural remedy for many respiratory problems for thousands of years. Garlic also helps strengthen the immune system.

Other Natural Remedies for Emphysema

Coenzyme Q10 may help improve oxygenation of blood which will lead to better breathing.

Chamomile is used in holistic medicine to support the respiratory system and the lungs. Inhaling chamomile vapor may help you breathe easier.

Eucalyptus essential oil which is the extract of eucalyptus leaves has anti inflammatory properties. Inhaling the oil may ease breathing and clear the chest.

A case report was published on the use of nebulized glutathione in the treatment of emphysema. The report stated that the results were positive. A 95 year old man who received the treatment came back in 3 days without a wheel chair and oxygen tank. Glutathione supplement is easily available if you want to take it.

Vitamins A, C and E are powerful antioxidants and protect the cells from damage and the harmful effects of pollution. They also strengthen your immune system.

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