Adult acne treatment

adult acne treatment


I've been umm'ing and ahh'ing over typing up this post because in the grand scheme of things I should be happy. Maybe this belongs on my beauty blog but as it is more of a ramble than advice or solution post perhaps it doesn't? I know acne doesn't define me as a person (sometimes it does feel like that is all people notice but that is most likely me being paranoid), there is far worse problems than blemishes and there is of course treatment. What I'm struggling with is age.

I was first diagnosed with acne when I was around 14 and immediately put on the contraceptive pill, there was no real discussion about it nor was I given any other option. Alongside it I was also given a lotion to dab on my skin which stung and stripped my skin, with continued use it blocked my pores and resulting in my skin peeling. At such a young age I accepted that perhaps this was part and parcel of the treatment; that it was a case of things will get worse before they get better. For about two years this continued, my then doctor insisted things would get better with the medication and to use an off the shelve astringent (think in the vain of Clearisil). Life lesson - don't grin and bare it, there is more than one size fits all treatment for acne and my then doctor should of been more supportive.

Luckily I went to a school in which they were satisfied with attendance (I'm not joking) and paid next to no notice to uniform, make-up or hair. Daily I would get up at 6am to cake my face in layer upon layer of foundation and concealer, finishing things off with a huge dusting of pressed powder. Make-up only covers the redness, the bumps were still very noticeable which would often be mocked should I get into an argument. Don't feel too sorry for me as

a young teen I was fairly mouthy and could more than take anything thrown my way. I was in no way bullied, rather it would have been down to silly playground bickering and bitching - so is life.

At around 16 I gave up, came off the pill and my skin calmed down massively. I'm not saying the lack of pill was the reason my acne was gone; I believe it was due to my hormones changing, levelling out and generally things calming with age. As someone with oily skin I have never had a crystal clear complexion since the onset of puberty but rather than clusters of painful, cystic blemishes it was the odd white head or general pimple. No big deal. Luckily nothing scarred and this was true up until last October.

In October I went to Florida with reasonably clear skin and returned home with a blemished complexion.The logical thing was to blame travelling, the change of climate and a junk food filled fortnight (I regret nothing). I accepted this up until December, even citing the cold weather, central heating and stress. All of which could be factors but as my new doctor confirmed I do indeed have adult acne. You would assume that having dealt with acne before I'd have taken the news in my stride. Far from it, I am angry, annoyed, itchy (yes really) and irritated that I have to repeat the whole healing process once more - only this time around my skin seems more prone to scarring.

As silly as it may sound when you are a teen you somewhat accept acne is part of growing up which is only strengthened by the fact that others in your class are most likely going through the same thing. Now I am in my twenties this isn't the case, sure my friends and those around me get blemishes but they are gone as quickly as they appear - a quick face mask et voil

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