Cure for retinitis pigmentosa

Blood is needed for survival of tissues and organs Ischemia (loss of blood supply) leads to degeneration of tissues organs. Coronary ischemia leads to Heart attack Peripheral ischemia leads to Gangrene Eye retinal ischemia leads to Blindness.

Eye is a special organ

Anterior chamber has lens and cornea for which treatment is well established Posterior chamber has Retina, which have 1.5 million sensor cells (Rods-Cones) ischemic disease leads to degeneration of Rods and cones in diseases like Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). and Age related Macular degeneration (ARMD) Optic Atrophy etc. having no treatment (Retinitis Pigmentosa Book Ed. Heckenlively JR.’4)

Eye is one of them because Retinal artery being intracranial is not assessable for bypass. While all attempts are done to revascularise retina by newer

viteroretinal surgical techniques G.Paymen, and every day claim of achieving success by new techniques are in-vain as none has long term good results and has lot of complication RP patients are generally confused with these claims based on results of few cases, of short duration. Our technique of Functional restoration of vision Omental transplant is published in scientific journals and chapter in Retinal degeneration book. And have follow up of over 200 cases for 10 yrs.

It resulted a break through in medical science by restoring vision. Follow up of over 250 cases of retinitis pigmentosa over long term have shown further deterioration of vision is checked in all cases. Patients with vision more than counting finger over 3 feet, restored vision, ICG angiogram have shown improvement of choridal circulation to normal limit in early cases.

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