Cure For Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia has been observed for centuries; its Greek etymology indicates that this word literally means the “splitting of the mind”, and this disease was first scientifically documented in 1908. This mental disorder has been scientifically studied for many generations. Researchers have been able to trace the origins that create the chemical imbalances and alterations in brain function and even physical attributes through their psychological studies. They have utilized neurobiology, psychology, and even sociology to study the symptoms and inherent conditions present with those that suffer from this debilitating condition. Through the many years of collecting scientific data, researchers and allopathic medicine practitioners are combining evidence that speaks volumes about how to treat and cure this psychological condition. There are now many different holistic care methods available to find a cure for schizophrenia .

Scientifically, schizophrenia is a condition that exists when an individual suffers from a degeneration of mental processes and emotional response, which includes an offspring of symptoms including hallucinations, hearing auditory voices, dysphoria, and the inability to produce clear and concise thought and speech patterns. Unfortunately, people who have this disease may also suffer from anxiety or depression, which could also be a contributing factor to psychological stimuli. Sociologically, people who suffer from this condition may struggle with making and keeping friends due to a different form of communication and expression, and may not be able to function on a regular basis within society. Homelessness, poverty, and debilitating drug abuse have been recorded in people suffering from schizophrenia. Fortunately, natural schizophrenia cures are available to help normalize the chemicals within the brain that affect cognitive development.

Chemical Imbalances Explained

Scientists conclude that certain psychological conditions exist due to a deficiency or overabundance of certain naturally occurring chemicals present in the brain. This can have a wide variety of chemical and biological effects throughout the body. Nerves, synapses, and chemical receptors play a huge factor in the sending and receiving of messages, and can also control what chemical messages are relayed throughout the body. This form of psychological observation is evidenced by holistic care practitioners, or those who have a strong eastern medical influence; they incorporate non-invasive and non-toxic methods to observe the condition, while treating the source of the imbalance to bring about whole body health. This is scientifically being

proven more effective than more modern drug therapies which actually reduce the amount of activity within the brain, instead of stimulating certain parts of the brain for optimal function.

Serotonin is a chemical receptor that is associated with moods, emotions, and is present in central nervous system functions, which stem directly from the control center of the body, the brain. Dopamine is a substance released that may exacerbate psychological symptoms of this disorder. When these two along with many other neurological chemicals are controlled, the individual is brought to a more tranquil state of mind and may show signs of being able to control thought processes along with parasympathetic body functions, which are mostly effected by this chemical imbalance.

Cures for Schizophrenia

Some people believe that this condition is completely incurable, but recent studies on this condition in conjunction with many holistic care techniques have since changed that scientific fact. In fact, researchers have documented that when certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies are present in the body, it can largely affect the symptoms of this disease. Alternative therapies recommend the use of many different herbal tonics and supplements that have been scientifically proven to control the onset of symptoms because of its ability to target genetic material, cellular information, and help to normalize chemical and biological reactions in the body. Holistic medicine offers a variety of effective cures for schizophrenia. ranging from the natural vitamin supplementation, to the consumption of potent herbs with drastic psychological influence. Herbalism is many times scientifically proven more effective than pharmaceutical drug therapies, and actually has no toxic effect on your cells, unlike the common use of commercial drugs, as the FDA is releasing information on side effects and biological harm stemming from many of the commonly prescribed drugs!

There is so much information available on this condition and the different vitamins and chemicals involved, including folic acid, Vitamins B, C, and E, and many more, that all work to affect the release of many chemicals involved in psychological and emotional responses in the body. The most effective schizophrenia cure is one that is non-invasive and works to enhance cellular function, creating energy for your cells, which rejuvenate them and repair damage acquired because of chemical imbalances in the body.

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