Cure for Stuttering – 5 Tips To Stop Stutttering For Good

cure for stuttering

Getting a cure for stuttering is not miraculous, and neither is it the hardest science to workout. You can achieve self-cure for your stuttering by applying simple techniques to your everyday life. By taking action to cure your stuttering, you will find it possible to enjoy the rest of your life stutter-free and able to speak confidently and fluently. Stuttering is not a disease as some may think.

There is nothing wrong with your speech organs, your tongue or your throat. You would have developed stuttering purely through habit and/or psychological reasons. This means, it can be corrected once you learn to overcome the habit that has taken some sort of permanence in your life. It also means overcoming the psychological factors that may be affecting you. Achieving fluency in speech is very likely once you use these practical tips to stop stuttering.

Use you Speaking Organs Properly to Cure Stuttering. Do not Mumble Through your Conversations.

Whenever you speak try to maximize on the use of your mouth. Practice to not to mumble or speak through your teeth. This is a bad habit that can only compel your speech problem. Open your mouth and enunciate the words, even if they do not come out right at first, remember that practice makes perfect. Mumbling through conversations and trying to use as little mouth movement as possible will only hurt your efforts to find a cure for your stuttering problem.

Practice using the full range of motion that your mouth has to offer for each syllable you have to utter. Vocalizing your words and maximizing on the range of motion of your mouth is a sure way to help you get past your stammering. It is a natural cure for stuttering.

Chewing gum or something else can become a Cure for Stuttering.

Another cure for stuttering that you will find helpful is chewing some gum or having something in your mouth while speaking. This is because chewing widens the mouth and relaxes the muscles in that area. Chewing while speaking is generally a bad etiquette, but for the stutterer it can be used as a therapy.

When you chew it prevents you from having to make an effort to relax tense muscles in your face and around the mouth when you attempt to speak. When this happens you will find that you are more relaxed and better able to utter the words you want to use to express yourself. Of all the tips to stop stuttering this is the easiest to practice.

 Assertiveness can Cure Stuttering

Stop others from interrupting and trying to complete your thoughts for you. People naturally feel compelled to butt in and complete what the stutterer is trying to say. Do not allow this to happen to you. Even though you stutter, take charge of your own conversations. If you constantly allow others to get away with completing your ideas for you, you will always end up feeling inadequate. Your efforts to apply a natural cure for stuttering will be ineffective.

Build your confidence in yourself, and in your ability to speak and get your point across effectively, even with a stutter. This would be a major plus for you. Become comfortable with yourself and believe that you have the ability to express your own thoughts and ideas.

You do it in

your mind many times. You can hear yourself expressing your thoughts, and you know just what you want to say. It is important that you, and no one else, get the idea across effectively. Having a stutter does not mean you have to be an ineffective communicator. Others will learn to respect and appreciate you more if you are assertive. Let people understand that you know what you want, and you know what you are about. Assertiveness is a natural cure for stuttering.

De-stressing is an Important Natural Cure for Stuttering

Stuttering is tied to your emotions. That is the reason when you feel stressed, get agitated and/or get nervous you stutter more. When you are stressed you become an active canon ball that can be triggered easily. De-stress yourself and lessen the likelihood of getting too emotional. This is another natural cure for stuttering.

To de-stress, you must identify what is causing the stress in the first place. Assess your life and your activities, and then make a list of the things that may cause you some level of discomfort or just something you do not like, but have to deal with on a regular basis. Allow yourself the time and space to make a true assessment of what is bothering you the most.

Once you have identified your stress trigger factors, you will need to take measures to deal with them. It is now time to bring them under control or get rid of them all together. For factors such as things that happen at home or in the school environs that you have no control over, seek the assistance of your counselor or someone you can trust. There may be some things you will have to learn to cope with for some time before things change. Seek help. Do not try to deal with everything on your own, even when applying these tips to stop stuttering.

Look the Individual you are speaking to in the Eye.

When you speak ensure that you maintain eye contact with the individual you are speaking to. Stutterers are generally sensitive about the eyes of others on them, but if you are going find a good cure for stuttering you will have to get over this. Deal with your shyness and practice to establish a good eye contact. Looking the individual in the eye and speaking in a confident manner will greatly improve your belief in yourself.

Maintain your contact even if the individual you are talking to looks away. Remember, you are working on getting you better at communicating. While those you are speaking to are important, it is even more important that you pay attention to effectively using these tips to stop stuttering. Once you do this, it will become natural and you will not have to worry about not being effective.

Maintaining a good eye contact is a technique used by even the most prolific speaker. Practice using this technique even in your everyday communication with your friends and family. Looking away can cause both you and the listener some embarrassment, and you could lose your confidence. Those you are speaking can pick up on your discomfort and then their reaction can throw you off. It is important that you take control of the situation show that you know what you are about.

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