Cure of hiv

cure of hiv

Dr. Hershline Patents A New Medication For HIV/AIDS Treatment, currently pursuing international patent rights

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We are dedicated to the production and distribution of an affordable preventative for HIV and to the continuation of research and development of a cure for HIV/AIDS and other viruses.

Our goal is to help people with our new medication.

We need your financial support to complete pre-clinical and clinical development of this new medication.


A Humanceutical utilizes science practices of a Pharmaceutical but the business model is extremely different.

It is a marriage of a business and a foundation. The business is to supply and

deliver a product without the usual profit motives while the foundation is to jump start a supply "to those in need" of a cure for epidemic type disease.

It is the cure that is important not the profit motive. Marketing, sales, high ROI are not important. The foundation Board of Directors will know who needs a cure.

Humanitarian concerns, just as has been done with world disasters, is where the process begins.


Because we believe human life to be more valuable than a profit margin, our goal is to aid in curing the world of HIV with our new medication that will be developed and distributed at generic prices from their inception.

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