Vitiligo Cure

Different people use the term "cure" in different context, as regards to cure for Vitiligo. Some use this term only for re-pigmentation of the existing spots, while others are concerned with complete eradication of illness from the body. If you mean second i.e. complete annihilation of the Vitiligo from your system, that is a tricky matter.

Vitiligo results from a derangement of your normal defense mechanisms against infection. The body starts producing antibodies against pigment producing cells of its own skin. No exact causes and remedies are known yet. This is a generalized abnormality of your immune system, and currently there are no acceptable permanent ways for Vitiligo cure or to overcome this process. The damage to pigment producing cells manifests as patches of skin, which have reduced, or no pigment. This is what bothers you, and this is where Anti Vitiligo oil works. It currently has the highest rate of success in this regard, and re-orders rate for this product is now exceeding 50%. Once the pigment has been restored locally, it stays there. There has been only one report documented of local loss of pigment after successful treatment with Anti-Vitiligo Oil as a cure for Vitiligo. One cannot cure Vitiligo or halt it, but you can manage the local manifestations (white patches) using oral or topical treatments just like Anti Vitiligo Oil. If your disease is limited and not widespread, you can go for a topical treatment.


on Vitiligo has always been considered as a non-lethal disease and not much attention was given to Vitiligo research in the last century. The scene has however changed. Many new Vitiligo Cure research projects have started in the last decade with focus on “vitiligo cure”, which are providing important insight into this disorder. Some of these revelations are shared below.

The American Vitiligo Research Foundation has been conducting research on the genes responsible for Vitiligo from several years. The main objective of this research (The Role of Genetics in Vitiligo Susceptibility) is to identify the susceptibility genes so that more can be explored about the causes and cure for Vitiligo. This would ultimately help in developing new treatments based on understanding those genes. Dr. Sanjeev Mulekar researched on Vitiligo cure and found that transplanting a mixture of melanocytes and keratinocyte taken from patient’s own body gives long lasting re-pigmentation results.

Vitiligo Society in collaboration with King’s College London has also discovered some new information about Vitiligo. Their research was based on traditional herbal remedies of Vitiligo. During their research they found that piperine was the main ingredient which stimulated the production of melanocytes in cell cultures. This research project needs many years of further research before piperine comes out as an efficient Vitiligo cure. That is however not the end: many projects still continue and authentic scientific information on Vitiligo is expected to grow enormously in the coming years.

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