Cures for sinus infection

Chicken Soup Cures For Sinus Infection

Are there any natural cures for sinus infection? The word "cure" is certainly a controversial term. A sinus sufferer may find one or two remedies that work well on their sinuses whereas another may find that chemical base drugs or antibiotics work.

If medications do work for you without any bad side effects, you can still find out other treatments for sinusitis.

Many people discover that their infections response to sinus medicine for a short period of time and then it rebound back. Yet, some people suffer from mild to severe side effects such as dry skin, thinning of bone, nausea etc…

There are some home remedies which are totally safe for you to experiment. Like I say, some may work well for you whereas other may take a longer time or fail to work at all.

But if you are one of those individual who are susceptible to sinus infection a few time in a year, then you should look into your immune health because if the underlying causes are not resolved you will still get infections.

There are some home cures for sinus infection or remedies which are effective and have been used by your grandma for years.

Chicken broth or soup

Home-made chicken soup has been known to provide great relieve for chest and upper respiratory infections and the symptoms of cold and flu.

So what is in the chicken soup that possesses such wonderful properties?

Studies have found that the soothing and healing properties, cysteine (an amino acid) produced from the clear chicken soup helps to break down congestion, thin and help the flow of mucus secretions. It also work wonders on sore throat and to loosen thick phlegm.

Adding other nutrients rich food to the broth can speed up the healing process.

Here's a simple broth recipe:

1/2 chicken or 2 drumstick

5 cloves garlic

1 teaspoon of black pepper corns

4 slices of ginger

2 large onion

2 whole carrots – cut thickly

Place all ingredients into a large pot of water. Bring to boil and simmer for 2 hours or until the chicken meat become tender or break apart.

Add sea-salt to taste.

So what's in this folk's recipes that are therapeutic?

Garlic is a natural

antibiotic. It is commonly taken for cold and flu either fresh or in the form of tablet. Allin, an active compound found in garlic help to boost our immune system to keep our body healthy.

Now not all garlic that you buy has therapeutic effect. Garlic with odor signified the breakdown of allin content which has no effect on our cold and sinuses.

A good garlic has all the active ingredients intact, therefore, this is the one that provide antiviral and antibacterial properties for your sinus infection or sore throat. You should try to buy organic garlic to fight your infection.

Ginger has been used as the medicine of choice in Asia for centuries. It is used to treat almost everything such as nausea, morning sickness, digestion, fever, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, cold and flu, arthritis, boost immunity system etc…

Another way to take ginger is to make a hot ginger tea. This will help to soothe your throat and clear your congested sinus.

Black Pepper is a spice which contains volatile oil with various chemical compounds. Its healing properties include circulatory stimulation, astringent, antiseptic, analgesic and stimulate the draining of the sinuses.

Onion is actually a member of the garlic or Allium family. Studies have shown that the sulphur compound in onion has anti-inflammatory properties. Other properties include antioxidant, anticancer, protect against cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure.

The WHO (World Health Organization) recognized that onion extracts provide relief for the symptoms of colds, cough, bronchitis and asthma.

And onion has been used in Chinese medicine to treat angina, coughs, bacterial infections, and breathing problems.

Carrot is a vegetable contains full of the natural source of beta-carotene or Vitamin A after conversion in our body. It provides sweetness to the chicken broth and helps to fight off infections.

Sea Salt especially unrefined contains many minerals; calcium, magnesium and potassium that can benefits our health. For the best therapeutic soup it is best that you use this type of salt.

Salt also has antibacterial propeties which help to get rid of throat, nasal and chest infection.

These natural cures for sinus infection can be found in the supermarket and they make an enjoyable meal during the cold winter months.

Some people feel much better after taking the hot broth which has an anti-inflammatory effect but studies conducted by University of Nebraska produced an inconclusive result.

You have to try this sinus infection remedy to judge for yourself.

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