Cures for vitiligo

cures for vitiligo

Home Remedies for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disorder characterized by appearance of de-pigmented or white patches on the skin. It's a situation where skin loses the pigment melanin, leading to skin lightening in the form of patches. Vitiligo is also known as leucoderma. The patches in this case are mostly observed on sun exposed areas of the body like hands, feet, face or lips.

The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown; however skin trauma, sunburn, stress, heredity or physical illness can be taken as some of its possible reasons. Vitiligo is not contagious but the biggest effect it has is on the mental health of the patent. The chronic nature of the disease and long-term treatment is usually very demoralizing for the patient.

Due to the damage of the melanocytes white patches appear on the skin and hair. This is symmetrical appearance on both the sides of the body. This is clinically called vitiligo and development of this problem happens between the age of 10 and 30. The parts of the skin like fingers, wrists, central face, hands, injured places and the hair which are exposed are the common sites of the pigmentation. Those who have this disorder have a family history of vitiligo and percentage is 30. This is not totally curable but home remedies for vitiligo is proved to be effective to some extent.

Experts report that burn injuries, excessive stress, typhoid, gastric disorder etc. are responsible for this effect on the skin. But the problem vitiligo can be overcome by using basic home remedies. When dealing with skin disorders, one must be careful with medication which in most cases leads to multiple side effects. Therefore, home remedies are always the best and safest option available to us.

Home remedies for vitiligo recommends for a salt - free diet once the skin is affected. Patients suffering from this problem are suggested to have vegetables that taste bitter. Mental and physical stress is to be avoided. There are few herbs which are very useful for the home treatment. Psoralea seeds are powdered after soaking them in ginger juice, and recommended to have 1 gram of it with milk. Turmeric powder heated with mustard oil is also an effective remedy for the infection.

Talking of natural home remedies, a paste made from the seeds of radish is highly beneficial in case of vitiligo. About 35 grams of these seeds can be powdered in vinegar and applied on the patches for around two hours. Another home remedy is to use turmeric and mustard oil. The method for this is to soak turmeric overnight in water, boil it the next morning and then mix the strained turmeric with mustard oil. Then this mixture should be heated until only oil is left. Applying this oil on the patches twice a day helps cure vitiligo.

Natural ingredients serve as the best source of nourishment for the skin. These ingredients are not only free from side effects but also

cause long term benefits. Red clay found on the river side or hills is one such ingredient. When mixed with ginger juice it, works well against vitiligo. Copper in the clay seems to bring back the pigmentation and ginger juice serves as milk stimulant when applied on the affected area. Drinking water stored in a copper container overnight also helps. Psorelea (babchi) seed is another great ingredient. These seeds should be steeped in ginger juice for three days, dried in the shade and ground into paste. This paste when applied on the affected area helps reduce vitiligo.

It has been seen that a combination of radish with vinegar help to lighten this disorder. The powdered seeds are to be mixed with the vinegar before applying. Tamarind seeds are also very effective remedy for vitiligo. The home remedies for vitiligo not only suggests application remedies it also recommend a healthy food habit. Intake of vegetable and fruit juice must be habituated along with fresh fruit, milk bread and steamed vegetable to ensure recovery. Homeopathy also plays an important role in healing this disorder.

Intake of vitamin B complex and folic acid is essential for curing vitiligo. Vitamin C is one of the most important skin revitalize. Foods containing these ingredients are recommended in home remedies for vitiligo. To protect the infected skin from the sun a sun block made of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is to be applied. Not only food habits attention to the bowels and liver is also necessary. If right care is taken it helps to get rid of the embarrassing infection of the skin. Attention to health helps in half of the recovery procedure.

Home remedies for vitiligo not only guides through the dietary habits but also recommends quitting alcohol and avoid smoking. Practice of physical exercises is also good for the recovery process. Cleansing process for the body should be hygienic. Cuts and skin damages happening occasionally should be avoided as the site of injury is best place for affecting the skin pigmentation disorder or the vitiligo. Thyroid gland problems, liver problems and effect of ultraviolet rays are also cause for pigmentation on the skin. Dietary supplements that take care of the liver and the thyroid glands are suggested to get rid of the unwanted patches on the skin.

Goose foot is another great option in case of vitligo. This vegetable is helpful when taken twice a day. Also the juice of its leaves can be applied on the white patches for better results. Apart from these natural remedies, it's also very important to follow a healthy lifestyle. The toxins can be eliminated from the body by taking an exclusive juice diet for 1 week. It helps control the disorder. One should also avoid drinking alcohol, coffee or tea. Similarly all denatured cereals, polished rice, pearled barley, sugar and white flour should be avoided. By taking these basic precautions and using some of the above listed remedies, the impact of vitiligo can be controlled to a great extent.

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