AIDS CURE FOUND! U.S. Patent # 5676977: AIDS Industry Hidding Cure For AIDS From America And World ?

aids cure found

Curing AIDS with Tetrasilver Tetroxide (Patent 5676977)

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United States Patent 5,676,977

Antelman October 14, 1997


The diamagnetic semiconducting molecular crystal tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag.sub.4 O.sub.4) is utilized for destroying the AIDS virus, destroying AIDS synergistic pathogens and immunity suppressing moieties (ISM) in humans. A single intravenous injection of the devices is all that is required for efficacy at levels of about 40 PPM of human blood. The device molecular crystal contains two mono and two trivalent silver ions capable of “firing” electrons capable of electrocuting the AIDS virus, pathogens and ISM. When administered into the bloodstream, the device electrons will be triggered by pathogens, a proliferating virus and ISM, and when fired will simultaneously trigger a redox chelation mechanism resulting in divalent silver moieties which

chelate and bind active sites of the entities destroying them. The devices are completely non-toxic. However, they put stress on the liver causing hepatomegaly, but there is no loss of liver function.

Inventors: Antelman; Marvin S. (Rehovot, IL)

Assignee: Antelman Technologies Ltd. (Providence, RI)


Yea, but why go through all of that when you can get a simple shot of Tetrasilver Tetroxide (Patent 5676977) and be on your way

Tetrasilver tetroxide is a way to reduce Silver down so that it can be injected into the body and spread through the blood.

It’s the Silver, a well known anti-bacterial agent that does the job. Everyone knows this.

All diseases are caused by PARASITES. Every virus, bacteria, or fungi, are PARASITES>

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