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What Treatments Work For The Depression?

There are various treatment approaches for dealing with depression. It all depends with the severity of your condition. Some treatment methods work individually but others require a combination. However, no single treatment method can fit for everyone but some may fit for a wider range of depressive illnesses. In particular, medications rely on try and error method. The good news is that, most cases of depression can be properly dealt with after the exact cause or causes have been identified. Only a few rare cases of depression can’t be overcome with appropriate treatments.

Depression Treatment Tips

On your recovery process following depression treatment, there are a few things you should put into considerations which include:

  • Make small realistic steps and stay focused. Take one thing at a time and reward yourself for every accomplishment.
  • Become social. It is important to cultivate relationships and get the support whenever the need arises.
  • Share your thoughts with a trusted friend, spouse or a close family member. Take them face to face if you can.
  • Uphold your social goal even when not interested. Being around them when depressed will give a feeling of relief.
  • A support group can do wonders. Being in the company of people dealing with the same condition reduces your sense of isolation. Share ideas on how to cope.
  • Challenge negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones that offer realistic descriptions.
  • Take good care of yourself by sleeping adequately, basking a little in the sun, manage stress, and practice relaxation tricks.
  • Do what you previously enjoyed doing.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthy mood-boosting diet and don’t skip meals.

Natural Depression Treatments

There are several herbal supplements believed to treat different illnesses. For depression, the most common herbal supplement is St. John wort. It has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Research findings indicate that it works best for mild to moderate depression but not for severe cases. Other natural depression treatments include 5-HTP and sAME. If you decide to go the natural way, caution is a necessity and consulting a doctor is recommended.

Depression Treatment – Therapy

1. Interpersonal Therapy

This mainly focuses on how you relate with people around you and on challenges experienced in relationships, such as coping with a loss of a loved one and communication. According to some research, interpersonal therapy can be more effective like antidepressants or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for some cases of depression.

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Founded in 1960s, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy seeks to influence moods. In reference to cognitive therapists constant negative thoughts feed depression. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps a person to identify and regulate a negative automatic thought. With time, the depressed person will be in a

position to discover and correct deeply held but false ideas that add up to depression.

3. Psychodynamic Therapy

This helps you to explore a full range of emotions, including feelings that you are probably familiar with. It makes the unconscious aspect of your life to be a present experience, helping you understand how your behavior and mood are affected by your unconscious feelings and unresolved issues.

4. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

It is the procedure where an electric current is sent through your brain to trigger a brief seizure. It changes brain chemistry reversing symptoms associated with depression and other mental illnesses. Early treatments which failed to use anesthesia resulted to serious side effects including memory loss and fractured bones.

Alternative Depression Treatments

To successfully treat depression, it means more than simply going for therapies or taking medications. You must adopt a healthy eating habit, shed off extra weight, quit alcoholism, stop smoking, do away with street drugs, exercise regularly and learn stress management skills. Additionally, you may have to become sociable, avoid living in isolation, or even adopt a pet.

2. Electric Shock Treatment

ECT can be recommended if you have severe depression and other treatments including antidepressants fail. Initially, you are given an aesthetic and medication to help your muscles relax. Your brain is then subjected to an electric ‘shock’ using electrodes placed on your head. Series of the treatment may be necessary for around 3 to 6 weeks.

3. Psychotherapy

This involves a comprehensive talk between a depressed patient and a psychiatrist, psychologist or a mental healthcare provider. You learn more about your condition, moods, feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. At the end of the day, you will be conversant on how to control your life and respond to challenges with healthy coping skills.

This entails the use of antidepressants and can be ideal for patients with moderate to severe depression. However, they may not be fit for all. Although various antidepressants wok well as each other, they have varying side effects among different users. You must consult your GP or specialist every week once you start taking antidepressants to monitor how well they are working on you. If you have bouts of depression in the past, you may have to continue using them for up to five years or more.

Choosing The Best Depression Treatment

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