Diabetes cure found

diabetes cure found

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Some folks swear by Barnard, others swear at him. He seems to be quite a polarizing figure in the discussion among People with diabetes.


Barnard has gotten results for a lot of people. Everyone's body is different. You have to experiment and see what works for you. What works for one person might not work for another. It doesn't mean that its bad advice that he is giving. When it comes to nutrition, its not one size fits all. What type of diet did you go on to alleviate your insulin dependency?


Very well stated Jim! Progress has been made. I remember my Dad, in the 1950's testing his urine and giving himself a shot of U-40 Protomine Zinc Beef/Pork Insulin every morning. His syringe/needle was not disposable and the needle was humongous!…also it would get dull and have to be re-sharpened. The only artificial sweetener was saccharine and there were lots fewer "diet" food choices. Although,I wish I didn't have this disease, I am happy to be living with all of the technological advances now at our disposal. And 50 years from now, maybe there will be a cure…meanwhile, the best we all can do is make the right choices to control this diabetes beast! Thanks for this articulate post!

Jim Edwards

Thanks. I remember those needles from my Aunt that had the big D.


Unfortunately "coach", not ALL persons with Diabetes (PWDs) are type 2s.

There are type 1s whose pancreas is NON functional - the beta cells have been destroyed in some way. They CANNOT produce insulin in their bodies to save their lives.

And for every anecdote you give I can give you another where PWDs have attempted to cure their condition (type 1 or type 2) by nutrition alone and have died because of it. I am one of

the fortunate PWDs who is type 2 and have CONTROLLED (not cured) my diabetes by what I eat alone. I had been on oral meds, and was on NPH insulin for 6 years until Feb 2011. Now I've been maintaining my BG numbers at or close to the "normal" range, and my A1c is 5.5, when I could only get as low as 6.2 before. But if I slip from my low carb high protein eating plan, I get reminded I can only control my condition. IT IS NOT CURED! So don't try to tell me different.

When I see someone come to a diabetes site, like DC claiming they can CURE diabetes by taking their suppliment, or following their regimen, I think "SALESPERSON". Someone who is trying to somehow make a buck on the hopes of PWDs who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and may be easy prey to their schemes.

I pray that doesn't describe you "coach", but I've been following your posts and I am not entirely sure that it doesn't.

Agreed, most Drs don't know much about nutrition. That's why most good Drs send their newly Dx'd PWDs to a class on diabetes, and a RD who can go over individual PWD's eating regimen and suggest changes, sometimes major changes.

I agree, that people are suffering from this disease. And the complications of this disease can be minimized with good, consistent control of BG numbers. But I disagree strongly with the idea that once the condition goes beyond "borderline" diabetes (likely what your cigarette smoking soda and coffee swilling example who is now pregnant and was "cured" probably was) it can only be controlled. There is not yet a cure. I pray for the day a cure is found for BOTH type 1s AND type 2s, and diabetes is no more!

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