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Home Remedies for Ear Infections: A Natural Cure that Works!

Ear infections keep everyone awake! While home remedies for ear infections may ease their pain, a safe and natural solution looks at their causes.

Middle ear infections are the number one reason for a trip to the pediatrician’s office. Approximately two-thirds of all children experience at least one ear infection by age three; one-thirds to one-half have multiple (three or more) ear infections by this same age. The peak age for ear infections in children is seven to nine months, a time when it is difficult to know exactly why your baby is crying and can’t sleep. For many parents, especially first-timers, it is a frightening when they can’t actually “see” the problem and their baby can’t “tell” them anything.

Doctors once routinely prescribed antibiotics for ear infections; however, it is more advisable today for pediatricians to wait 72 hours before treating ear infections with antibiotics.

Many parents also are hesitant to give a child antibiotics due to the possible effects of long-term antibiotic use and the possible growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

So…what do some parents do, during this “wait-and-see” period, to ease their child’s pain so they both can get some much-needed sleep? Some have decided to try home remedies. while others have discovered an all-natural solution for ear infections in their children that is safe, gentle and effective.

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Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Ever see the parent of a child with a middle ear infection. What do they look like? Drained? Tired? Miserable? Frustrated? Could those same feelings apply to you as well when your child has an ear infection?

Ear infections are neither dangerous nor are they contagious. However, ear infections are painful and they may affect a children’s hearing during a time when they are “sponges” for information and proper hearing is critical for normal language development.

As a result, while playing the “waiting game” to determine if antibiotic intervention is needed, many parents will try almost anything, including suggestions from friends, family and neighbors, to relieve some of the pain so that sleep is possible. It’s interesting to note that many home remedies for ear infections have been passed down for generations and they may have some degree of success in relieving the pain, but never the cause.

However, a natural approach to treating ear infections. which has quite an impressive record of success, already exists. But first, let’s look at some home remedies for ear infections. which are, at the very least, safer than prescription medications and surgery.

Common Home Remedies for Ear Infections

When it comes to caring for childhood ear infections. many parents are baffled and frustrated. Some have even resorted to spiking their baby’s bottle with whiskey so that everyone in the household can get some sleep. Not recommended!

Others have tried home remedies for ear infections that have been passed down from mothers to daughters or that they’ve heard about from well-meaning and concerned friends and relatives. And, some parents even swear by these home ear infection remedies. at least when it comes to the temporary relief of the pain and pressure associated with middle ear infections .

Common home remedies for ear infections include:

  • Two-three drops of warm onion juice placed in each ear
  • One-two drops of warm olive oil in each ear
  • A cup of salt or a cup of rice placed in a large sock, warmed (not hot!) in a microwave oven and placed on the outside of the child’s ear for 10 minutes
  • Several drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear for 10 minutes
  • A warm, never hot, compress or hot water bottle applied to the affected ear for 10 minutes
  • Elevating the child’s mattress to help with drainage – place something under the mattress to elevate; do not use pillows under the child’s head
  • Giving the

    child water to sip and swallow, which may help open the eustachian tube

  • Placing several drops of breast milk in the affected ear every four hours (breastfed babies also experience fewer ear infections than bottle-fed babies)

Of course, there are preventive measures as well that help to reduce the incidence of ear infections in children. These include breastfeeding your infant to pass on the mother’s immunities, quitting smoking (cigarette smoke contains pollutants that affect children who are more prone to ear infections) and keeping your child out of larger day care environments where illness strikes more often in children with immune system weaknesses.

All-Natural Relief for Ear Infections

What about an all-natural alternative to treating ear infections. an alternative that not only relieves pain and pressure like most home remedies. but that also helps to reduce the frequency and the duration of ear infections in children?

Home remedies often provide temporary relief for childhood ear infections. There is an all-natural approach that may provide a permanent solution instead.

Would you try it if you knew about it? Would you try it as an alternative to the temporary relief your pediatrician may have advised, available in over-the-counter pain relievers and decongestants? Would you consider it over the home remedies for ear infections you may have used with little success in the past?

Do you know that an all-natural approach has already helped countless numbers of children with ear infections ?

What if you learned that many parents now seek chiropractic care as a method to treat childhood ear infections ?

Before you say, “Absolutely not, ” you owe it to yourself and your child to read further.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Ear Infections?

We know what you are thinking – there’s no way you’re taking your child to a chiropractor. How can a chiropractor possibly help middle ear infections ?

Believe it or not, many people are seeking chiropractic care for a variety of conditions that have nothing at all to do with back or neck pain. Childhood ear infections are just one of the reasons parents mention as a reason to take their children to a chiropractor.

Chiropractic care is a safe and reliable way to address the cause of your child’s middle ear infections ; it doesn’t only treat the associated pain like most home remedies for ear infections. This of course means that chiropractic adjustments are gentle for children…if they weren’t, parents wouldn’t be flocking to chiropractors with their children in tow!

The secret is out – chiropractic works!

Choose Natural for Relief of Ear Infections

When you pick up the phone to call one of ChooseNatural.com’s sponsoring chiropractors, you will be pleasantly greeted by a warm and personal healthcare professional, one who has years of training in dealing with many of the most common health care challenges, including childhood middle ear infections .

You see, chiropractors know how to locate and adjust spinal misalignments that can cause nerve interference, which in turn causes illness and disease – in children as well as adults.

How do these misalignments occur? Well, many occur during the birth process itself, a process that places a great deal of pressure on a baby’s fragile neck and spine. Falls, accidents and injuries also contribute to spinal misalignments.

Chiropractors locate these misalignments and adjust the spine to relieve nerve interference and restore proper communication between the brain and body via the nervous system.

You will be amazed at the results! If you are still unsure, perhaps listening to these parents, who have also dealt with the misery of middle ear infections in their children, will be all you need to pick up the phone and call one of our sponsors today.

You’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain (how about some sleep!) when you take your child to one of our sponsors for effective, natural chiropractic care.

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