Egyptian healing rods


For creating balance, strength, health and spiritual connection

Egyptian Healing Rods allow one to utilize the ancient technology of the Pharaohs to create Health and Vitality; to create a free flow of energy for use in all aspects of life; to bring forth higher access to our full potential.

  • Balance Magnetic and Electric Fluids Within Oneself and One's Field

These two fluids are the foundational energies of the universe- the cause of all existence. They are sourced in all four elements and effect all energy worlds ie. physical/material, mental and astral worlds.

  • Getting these fluids in balance and to flow unobstructed:
    • Is the basis of Kundalini awakening, strengthening and balancing
    • Allows one to manifest with great speed and power in all three energy worlds
    • Entrains one's field to vibrate at higher frequencies, fostering the opening of psychic abilities and preparing one for connection to higher realms and Divine energies
  • Strengthen One's Aura and Etheric Body
    • Regular use of the Rods:
      • Dislodges and clears blockages within the etheric body, promoting greater overall flow of energy throughout meridians of the physical body as well the energetic lines of the aura surrounding and feeding into the body
      • Expands the size of one's field and strengthens one's vital life force energy, thus protecting one from negative energies within the external environment

  • Physical Benefits Naturally Follow as the Etheric Body is Cleansed, Balanced and Strengthened

    As the internal environment of one's physical and etheric bodies reaches healthy, and subsequently higher vibrations, the likelihood of activation of diseases within one's genetic blueprint decreases, leading to physical manifestation of Good Health!

    • Stress is the strongest and most detrimental trigger for activation of disease
      • Stress causes dormant codes for disease within one's genetic blueprint to activate sooner in one's lifetime
      • One of the most effective results from use of the Rods is the decrease in stress levels and markers, leading to less symptoms and manifestation of disease
      • Russian studies demonstrate that regular use of the Rods enhances the circulatory, endocrine, immune and nervous systems and has reduced symptoms of nearly every disease including:
        • Insomnia
        • Stress
        • Fatigue
        • High Blood Pressure
        • Arteriosclerosis
        • Poor vision
        • Poor hearing
        • Joint Pain
        • Gastric Distress
        • Headache

Read the Channeled Message: Egyptian Healing Rods- Source, Benefits & Uses.

If you are not sure which Rods are best suited for you please email us describing any prior experience with energy work and your intentions for use of the Rods. Based on this information and our experience, we will suggest the set that best suits your needs.

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