TENS Units from LGMedSupply

electric stimulation therapy

LGMedSupply has a large selection of portable TENS units for pain relief. Whether you’re looking for pain relief from back pain or in other areas of your body, you will find that we offer the best TENS machines and warranties. TENS units are often used as a non-invasive way of electric stimulation for pain relief. A substantial amount of pain relief can be achieved by using a TENS unit properly as the electrode pads cause electric stimulation that travels along nerve fibers, thus creating a pain relieving sensation.

EMS Units from LGMedSupply

We also carry many EMS units. An EMS unit, also known as an electrical muscle stimulator, electronic muscle stimulator, electric muscle stimulator or electro muscle stimulator, can be used as a therapy tool for patients, a strength training tool for athletes and healthy individuals, and even as a testing tool for the evaluation of neural and muscular function.

Electrical muscle stimulation is the use of electric impulses to cause muscle contraction. EMS units provide electrical current that passes through the muscle and causes the muscle to contract. Electrical impulses generated by the EMS machine are delivered through electrodes placed on the skin next to the muscles that need electronic muscle stimulation. Electrical muscle stimulation can also

accelerate the muscle learning process by providing its users with repeated contractions.

A Large Selection of TENS EMS Combo Units

TENS units and EMS units work the same way. An EMS unit will stimulate muscles, whereas a TENS unit will stimulate nerve endings. Many pain sufferers use a combination of both TENS and EMS to provide a maximum amount of relief and muscle stimulation. We carry a large selection of portable Combo TENS / EMS units to combine the benefits of nerve ending stimulation and electronic muscle stimulation.

Portable Ultrasound Machines for the Home from LGMedSupply

We also carry a large selection of portable ultrasonic machines for use at home. These home ultrasound machines stimulate tissue beneath the skin surface by using very high frequency sound waves. Home ultrasound machines can make the healing process much faster by increasing blood flow. They can also diminish the amount of pain due to a decrease in swelling and edema. Portable ultrasound machines provides the user a gentle massage of tendons and/or ligaments without adding any stress, all while softening scar tissue.

Having a portable ultrasound machine at home offers long-term pain relief, cost savings, portable therapy, and can reduce healing time and chronic inflammation.

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