External Hemorrhoid Treatment

external hemorrhoid treatment

External hemorrhoid treatment should always include home remedies, such as fiber intake and fluid intake, to manage symptoms.

Since constipation and hard stools are such an irritant and cause of hemorrhoids, it is critical that external hemorrhoid treatment deal with these issues first to promote healing.

Fiber Intake

A small change in fiber intake will really help:

  • Fiber intake should typically include 20 to 30 grams of fiber per day
  • An example would be double fiber toast or oatmeal in the morning
  • A cup of berries midday together with your lunch
  • And a baked potato or cup of beans in the evening

Fluid Intake

Fluids are critical for successful external hemorrhoid treatment:

  • Aim to consume four or five glasses of water per day
  • Proper fluid intake is mandatory to eliminate constipation and soften stools
  • Softening stools and eliminating constipation are critical for effective external hemorrhoid treatment

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies work best in treating external hemorrhoids:

  • There are now a number of herbal remedies that have proven to be far more effective than ointments found in drugstores
  • For immediate relief, Zenmed Ziro has proven to calm inflamed tissues quickly, shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, repair torn tissues and eliminate pain
  • Sitz Baths

    Sitz baths are

    really helpful to minimize external hemorrhoid symptoms:

    • These units are very efficient and fit on a toilet seat
    • It utilizes a warm water treatment that provides substantial relief
    • They can be purchased at the local drugstore for about $20.00
    • Filling the tub with about an inch of warm water will accomplish the same results. The water should be as warm as you can tolerate, for about 15 – 20 minutes, and perform this 3 times a day

    External Hemorrhoid Treatment – Important Notes

    External hemorrhoid treatment should also include eliminating long bouts of standing, sitting, reading and cigarette smoking while on the toilet. Eliminating these habits can help control painful external hemorrhoids .

    Many cigarette smokers develop strong coughs, and these coughs often initiate or aggravate external hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are sometimes also susceptible to external hemorrhoids.

    External hemorrhoids, like internal hemorrhoids, can accelerate to varying degrees. The important guideline is to manage the external hemorrhoid with effective hemorrhoid treatment so that it does not become thrombosed.

    Certain herbal remedies, such as Zenmed Ziro. can provide immediate relief, shrink hemorrhoids quickly and calm inflamed tissues on contact.

    Most external hemorrhoid sufferers can avoid visits to the doctor or surgery by managing fiber and fluid intake, utilization of an effective hemorrhoid ointment (noted above), and the use of sitz baths.

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